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  1. Happy birthday 

    You’re fading away in my memories ;-;

  2. I miss you and @Lucifer and @Pandark and @ClassicalSonic and that Poseidon guy with the shitty characters that made up his name. Please reverse time so I can re experience the good times on MG ;(

    Happy Birthday fren

    1. Zurr


      Honestly facts I miss element, classical and gib

    2. aru


      Luci played for a couple weeks recentlyish actually. And I saw sonic on like once a couple months ago :(

      and poseidon actually gets on every now and then. 

      I miss gib the most :Candle:

      drunk gib with a full server was peak entertainment 

    3. tooba


      Luci is in my TS channel all the time

  3. Happy Birthday Jen! Yes, Tis I da weeb of SNG. And congrats on Global Admin since I wasn't here for it.

  4. I dont really calling maining but if you consider what i play the most with the highest mastery It would be caitlyn, lux, veigar, vi, and thresh But xayah to me rn is extremely fun :3 Top- Mundo, Nasus, and Darius (teemo hehe) also go adcs like caitlyn or lucian or annie :3 Jungle- Vi, Lee sin, Master Free (Yi) Mid- Veigar, Lux, Karma, Sona, Xayah, Lucian, Annie, Caitlyn. Adc- Caitlyn, Lucian, and Xayah (Ezreal????) Support - Thresh, Rakan, Leona, Sona, Karma
  5. didnt look at it yet but i like it i wonder why
  6. so @Mango whats worse? mega supreme or ultra?