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  1. Rose

    hey guys

    Not sure if i remember you but nice maid outfit dood
  2. Rose

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    welcome back chase88
  3. Rose

    Mass Unbans

    this is gonna be interesting
  4. +rep he is a really nice guy in all
  5. 1) I don’t eat cake 2) I love horror movies and my favorite ones are probably the conjuring or insidious movies 3) Sunsets for sure
  6. Day 4: 1) Whats your favorite cake flavor? 2) Do you like horror movies? If so what’s your favorite? 3) Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
  7. Day 3: 1) Orlando bloom, a few kpop boys, Superman 2) Yes, me and my boyfriend witnessed a robbery at the mall. This guy straight up robbed the jewelry store and ran...was interesting 3) Idk it’s easy to make me laugh, literally anything could make me laugh like tiktok or vines
  8. Day 3: 1) Celebrity crushes? 2) Ever witnessed a crime? If so what was it? 3) What will always make you always laugh?
  9. the open water is a really scary place...full of unknown things
  10. 1: No I don’t snore, only if i’m dead tired but even then it’s not full on snoring 2: My fav pizza topping is pepperoni and jalapeño 3. My greatest fear is probably death
  11. Day 2: 1: Do you snore? 2: Whats your favorite pizza topping? 3: Whats your greatest fear?
  12. Day 1: 1. Curly 2. Yes, I have seasonal allergies, egg allergy, tree nuts allergy, and dust mites 3. Depends on the day but mostly organized
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