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  1. i played hide and seek with eyes closed and ran into a back of a car and bust my nose open which made me get stiches and now i have a permanent scar on the bridge of my nose :)
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. lysm happy birthday :peepoLove:

  4. hbd fams

  5. hbd rose


  6. HBD dawgette

  7. happy bday meowmeow!

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Rose

    Selfie Topic

    oh shit #bringbackselfietopic? waddup 🤓 in my work uniform ofcofc
  10. zk.


    1. Rose



  11. I used to be meow bc meow and then I changed to rose bc I felt I needed a change and plus I lov kid cudi and his song rose golden is the best to me so I kinda got inspiration from that and my love of roses.
  12. i was super sad when my first dog passed away, i never wanted to leave bed and so unmotivated to do anything bc i missed having him around.
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