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  1. Rose


    Any plans for summer? So far I've been to Chicago and I've just been working. What abour you guys?
  2. I don’t remember exactly when I first found SNG I knew it was awhile ago when we still had the old old forums (those were interesting) I used to play on death run under a different name then Meow and Rose. Then I moved to mini games and I was on there for the longest. I became friends with a lot of people and I really loved how the community was and everything and when ttt came out it became my favorite game mode and I went for admin of it and here I am now
  3. So recently I have really been into watching hiking videos and I think in the future I really want to try hiking the Appalachin Trail completely through. I know it'll take awhile but it's something I really want to do and achieve. What are some of your future achievements that you want to complete or try to do?
  4. Antelope Canyon is actually so amazing I went there like 2 summers ago on a roadtrip to Cali and back to Texas. I want to see a lot of famous places in New Zealand. I want to see the Great Wall of China and I want to see Korean palaces. I want to see Big Ben and a lot of other things. I especially wanna continue to add my my national park list
  5. I've been working at Kroger for like 6 months now as a part time job for college. I work as a cashier/self-check out attendant. I'm probably going to be working here for awhile unless i find a better job.
  6. Rose


    Hi mom
  7. Rose

    my fiverr product

    the fact that ur voice sounds kinda alright cool nice good is
  8. Rose

    10man clips

    lol that clip of alex and those were some spicy shots
  9. Rose

    it me

    yay I happy for u pat I know you've been waiting forever
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