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  1. +rep even though this kid got autism, it doesnt stop him from doing what normal people can. its been two years mane. pEACE!
  2. if its like hide and seek with seekers and shit, it can be fun. Chasemod hns is also really fun. I prefer chasemod over normal hide and seek because it's very movement oriented. You can really see the difference in skill between people who play hns. Just like the person above me said, You can jumpstat with no pre on the server. To me, Jumpstatting by itself is super fun.
  3. Serenity

    owo hi

    omg is that the prespeed god??
  4. sng super tower is better in my opinion. I hate having to break the windows on v4 and not being able to keep speed going up the stairs.
  5. welcome to the forums you fucking optimizer
  6. nice website LOL

    1. trippn


      thanks u 2 HAHA

  7. Serenity

    903's Admin app

    +rep seen nothing but good things from him
  8. Serenity

    Dy introduction

    welcome to the forums!
  9. seen you on mg before and u didn't seem 2 bad. Haven't seen you on jb at all so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt. +rep for unban
  10. M4A1-s is superior because it sounds better
  11. this kid a robot now LOL
  12. yeah was on at the time and told diamonds about it. When i was spectating, the gamer was getting speed not strafing at all. I could see it really clearly on awp multigames that he was cheating. I didn't have a chance to record but I told diamondz to record and he told me he didn't see anything fishy.

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