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  1. I mean if you are going negative in a match it’s not the best thing but there are several factors that determine whether or not you are impacting rounds won/loss.
  2. Down 60lbs from my highest weight ever.
  3. my music is too edgy to share
  4. ness

    naK Mute appeal

    You just kept repeating vinegar over and over after being asked to stop by one of the spectators; trying to get a reaction on stream.
  5. ness

    BEST ANIME 2018

    Top 3 all have female characters as their pictures....hmmmm
  6. there should be a @everyone tag so I can get as many likes as possible
  7. ness

    kOrEA tRiP

    and the girls?
  8. dude this is the real reason rain and lawl are a thing cause of this stuff, bad boy @Lawl But fr who cares, looks weird but I don't think anyones team is here to tryhard and cheat to win
  9. I can proudly say I've voted for myself in every category.
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