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  1. *In the middle of playing zombies* "I have to go pee, I'll be right back" - August 2018 (doesn't come back at all while we play for legit a few more hours, and of course, he was the host) Was fun playing with you the few times I did, you were chill as fuck and every time I heard you all I could think was if it was you or King talking cause you really do sound a like.
  2. +rep, have known this man longer than I have been here, has always been easy to talk to and always a good time to be with, knows the rules and is very well known in general.
  3. Mike

    Top 10 Animes.

    Can only come up with a top 5, too many good anime to try and rate 1. One Piece 2. Hunter X Hunter 3. Fate/ Series 4. Steins;Gate 5. Magi
  4. Mike


    Completely different "game", with a new cast of main characters, not that the originals aren't going to be in it, just very set off to the side after the first few episodes I believe. Things will start to make sense at a certain shitty plot point, but it only gets better from there. I know, what is SAO without a shitty plot point. But as for this season I am hyped for the new season of Index, been waiting so long for the next season, new season of tokyo ghoul cause the last one really cliff hanged the fuck out of me, sao cause it should be good as fuck from what i remember, and goblin sla
  5. Mike

    Big Dick Giveaway

    You don't need to win another one of these, but gimme gimme
  6. Holy shit we have to deal with you again...
  7. Mike

    Hi, hi hi

    Been playing SK with you since back in the day on fragworks, good to see you reaching out!
  8. Mike

    SK Fishy

    I have upped it to perm thank you, as people have said you don't need to make this post but at least we have to evidence already if they try to appeal the ban. Locking and moving topic.
  9. Playing awp back in the day when a bunch of good people actually played the game, and also when @Nikeaj got me into the 10 mans, letting me meet the people that I did, and making the friendships that I still hold today (you people know who you are).
  10. Mike


    @Codified actually blows cock btw, but game is quite fun.
  11. -Money -Candy And I bought myself a GTX 1080 a month ago hoping to not cry anymore once I got this money (still want to cry), and I might buy myself a new hard drive cause I am running out on my 2TB but who knows Oh and I also got a tool kit, not wanted but very much needed, always remember that kids, tools are a very good thing.
  12. Damn, congrats. And that gpa is ridiculous, like holy shit.
  13. I wanted a new graphics card, so I bought myself that and now I am waiting for money to roll in so I don't cry myself to sleep looking at how much I spent on it. And I guess getting free college and rent isn't too bad either.
  14. Mine probably has to be TheKingNappy, I love watching pokemon play throughs and he is just the best out there, and the there is LinusTechTips like @Hachi said, except I already built my pc with what I learned from them.
  15. Honestly don't like them... Just way to cartoony for a "serious" game, however I do like the black backgrounds that they gave dmg and up, they look kinda clean.
  16. Well we met on the sk server quite a while ago, and then you went MIA for a while. And then you came back and you started to come into ts more often. And some how you managed to get into the ts channel I was in and you tried to talk shit... So I called you irrelevant and probably banned you for a second. Don't know why I handled it like that, but it was funny as fuck.
  17. Mike

    Happy birthday, when are you coming back...

  18. Blue is the best, can agree, end of story. Fuck off @ebyssal