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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. salty

    happy  birthday buddy :) 

    1. Ken
    2. salty


      happy late birthday :)


  4. TEAM NAME: fugma CAPTAIN salty |STEAM_0:1:197308298 | yes PLAYER 2 @middle | STEAM_0:0:451836779 PLAYER 3 @125 | STEAM_0:0:172837138 PLAYER 4 @Jealous | STEAM_0:0:46970187 PLAYER 5 @image | STEAM_0:0:43020561 SUB PLAYER emu | STEAM_0:1:451680019 SUB PLAYER @HotPocketSTEAM_0:1:154403486
  5. hap[py birthday :)

  6. hbd :)) :wub:

  7. happy birtday! :)

  8. salty

    Questions v1.

    ▷ What family traditions do you have? we go to my uncles house every Sunday and stay until 2 am. ▷ What is something pointless you have spent money on? hentai games ▷ What's an annoying question that people ask you? ▷ What tabs do you currently have open? just this ▷ What was the last photo you took? ▷ Have you ever met someone from online before? If not, do you plan to? 2 or 3 years ago when I still lived in Connecticut I went to my little cousins baseball game and he was playing against yankeefans team but I didn’t know yankee lived near me at all ▷ What is something you lost and never found? my phone charger ▷ Do you like yourself? absolutely

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