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  1. I was acting in a play and i was hit in the face with a watermelon(Fake) and knocked over part of the set.
  2. Chava your a great guy i don't know if you would be the best for admin, but i cant say that 100%. Neutral but leaning to - rep
  3. MLGFEEZE Captain: @Mythin STEAM_0:0:6131005 Player 1: @Spooky retard STEAM_0:1:193431944 Player 2: @Random Toaster STEAM_0:0:78418878 Player 3: @Chiken STEAM_1:1:60441747 Player 4: @Plasticono STEAM_0:1:102004664 Sub: @Yoseph925 STEAM_0:0:64269053
  4. +rep, would make a good admin and is chill.
  5. Welcome back, have had a fun time hanging with you. Hope to see you around more.
  6. +rep great admin, hes chill and fun to hang with. Would be great super.
  7. I stole my name from one of my irl friends when he switched to a different username.
  8. Plasticono


    School starts Thursday and im kinda pumped. Senior year, getting to take more classes i want to.
  9. +rep definitely very active and I’ve never had a bad experience with him. He would definitely make a great admin.
  10. +rep been talking with I’m a lot he’s a fun guy, but also knows the rules and how to enforce them
  11. I am varsity bowling for my school EZ gym credit Also tennis on the side
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