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  1. -rep ur a loser hope u get lukemia my ban apeal wasnt for u to review loser now im locked for a week go fuck ur self loser

  2. Almond


    Don't fuck me
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  4. Denied. You may reapply never p.s. i can still deny these apps right?
  5. Almond


    Was a good run, im my two weeks as a event team member I learned lots of things like how 2 make an event and how boring that is. Thank U hachi for being nice, thank u Pedro for not whipping me, and thank u Smiles for letting me help Australia. End Scene
  6. Happy Birthday, Almond!

    Image result for meme happy birthday wish

  7. happy birthday almond

    Nice metal gear cover photo there. I love Yoji 's art.


  8. happy bday bully

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D 

  10. Spk

    Happy bday

    1. Almond


      thanks guy i dont know, hope you have a happy bday too


  11. Happy birthday Almond! Have the best day of your life :peepoLove:

    love ya

  12. Happy birthday, friendo! Hope you enjoy the day and that you get all of the positive vibes for your birthday. :POGGERSXD: