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  1. LOL YOU EDITED YOUR POST SO IT SEEMED LIKE YOU WERENT BAMBOOZLEDDDDDDD. <3 it's april fools i love u doe its not like it isnt completely unbelievable because ive had beta keys beforeimage.png.042662a6c1e35bebce775f81256513fd.png

    1. Diam0ndz


      You're retarded. I edited my post to fix grammar. I used "your" when I should have used "you're". Thanks for the useless thought though.

  2. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    if im breaking rules delete the post some1 who cares. otherwise comment down below how hyped you are for VALORANT!
  3. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    ahh fuck really
  4. actually fucking slaps. My buddies and I used to freestyle every once in a while and this is definitely a beat we would have come back and used over and over. good shit man
  5. no ur big boi awpy, wow how u not know that
  6. Will be interesting to see what this brings. Just don't merge the awp servers
  7. Hello, you were big gay but also an old awpy so welcome back mr israel
  8. you should try to keep your retards in check Diamondz. 

  9. demote this retard for being a retard @directors

  10. Winny

    Questions.. @_@

    1. What country do you most want to travel to? Sweden and Vietnam 2. If any, what language would you want to learn? Swedish, Japanese, Afrikaans 3. Favorite color? blue 4. One of your regrets? not being true to myself earlier, fuck what other people think 5. If any whats a quote that you like / go by? “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” — Murakami 6. What did you say as a kid when someone asked what do you want to be when you grow up? hedge fund manager 7. Favorite food? mashed potatoes
  11. Because I know this will be brought up, Sodality is more about if you are close to staff, not about being a longterm member, it also includes admin responsibilities. The tag can be automated, should be a very simple script.
  12. I think there should be an OG tag for anyone who has been around 3+ years or some set amount of time. Serves to give recognition to members who have been around a while but havent pursued admin or whatever. I dont give a fuck if I have the tag, but it would be a nice retention tool.

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