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  1. you should try to keep your retards in check Diamondz. 

  2. demote this retard for being a retard @directors

  3. Winny

    Questions.. @_@

    1. What country do you most want to travel to? Sweden and Vietnam 2. If any, what language would you want to learn? Swedish, Japanese, Afrikaans 3. Favorite color? blue 4. One of your regrets? not being true to myself earlier, fuck what other people think 5. If any whats a quote that you like / go by? “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” — Murakami 6. What did you say as a kid when someone asked what do you want to be when you grow up? hedge fund manager 7. Favorite food? mashed potatoes
  4. Because I know this will be brought up, Sodality is more about if you are close to staff, not about being a longterm member, it also includes admin responsibilities. The tag can be automated, should be a very simple script.
  5. I think there should be an OG tag for anyone who has been around 3+ years or some set amount of time. Serves to give recognition to members who have been around a while but havent pursued admin or whatever. I dont give a fuck if I have the tag, but it would be a nice retention tool.
  6. Winny

    Selfie Topic

    looking like a school shooter
  7. +cool duderino -gives me boners and confuses me
  8. +rep the right choice. Jako is chill, dedi, and I believe has the insight to make good decisions to further awps popularity
  9. Winny

    Pink time

    Shit i hope we get the right operator. You actually did a pretty decent job, GG's man
  10. let's keep this on topic. no need to rage I'm only referring to the fact that if someone who is competitive is losing points or something they might be more vulnerable to someone giving them a little juicing and the relationships are more established on the server. I also said ONE OF, not the most or anything lol
  11. neutral to negative - I think awp is one of the hardest servers to moderate. It has the added challenge of a level of competitiveness with the points and is one of the longest and most established of the servers. Sunless has demonstrated that he can let his emotions get the best of him and have lapses of judgement. On the other side he is a very active player. Those two could combine to be very favorable, or very negative.
  12. +rep he wants to demote zarn just kidding...or am i
  13. awp server only right? kek
  14. wdy mean kids who name themselves queen are totally pussy smashing and not questioning their sexuality? @Duckyy stay in your lane retard and don't shit talk people who can think for themselves
  15. "I didn't think I was getting caught, but hopefully they swallow the lie that I wanted to just test them on sng." Edit: apparently he said he was using them and was talking about it? maybe he's just dumb
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