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  1. Dumb bans have happened before *cough* like mine *cough*. I would say give him another chance. From what I can remember he was a good player so I can see how, especially on certain maps, one could be viewed as cheating when it wasn't really. +rep
  2. pretty big fan of lots of the megalo box music, ending is pretty decent too kinda forget how i found this second one but its cool also for the full weebs
  3. Winny

    New theme

    not necessarily a bug but im not a huge fan of the new theme
  4. TULLY IS AMAZING, as a former server operator he deserves lowly admin perms just so he can help out low key. I hope I see you on soon but I havent been active recently
  5. Needs more experience, ALSO U CANT DELETE AWP INDIA WINTER WTF R U THONKIN. that map is so much fun with a medium size server pop. Also just don't have the operator vibe to me as a major er
  6. jealous of mine and Augusts top tier humor clearly. its ok lil guy
  7. give him a warning cuz i did the exact same thing but on april fools. I DEMAND EQUALITY
  8. correlary, but Sniipe should honestly get some crown or something for his 100k kills
  9. LOL YOU EDITED YOUR POST SO IT SEEMED LIKE YOU WERENT BAMBOOZLEDDDDDDD. <3 it's april fools i love u doe its not like it isnt completely unbelievable because ive had beta keys beforeimage.png.042662a6c1e35bebce775f81256513fd.png

    1. Diam0ndz


      You're retarded. I edited my post to fix grammar. I used "your" when I should have used "you're". Thanks for the useless thought though.

  10. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    if im breaking rules delete the post some1 who cares. otherwise comment down below how hyped you are for VALORANT!
  11. Winny

    Valorant Beta

    ahh fuck really
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