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  1. "I didn't think I was getting caught, but hopefully they swallow the lie that I wanted to just test them on sng." Edit: apparently he said he was using them and was talking about it? maybe he's just dumb
  2. Happy Birthday PUBG legend!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Winny

    woo giveaway woo

    that 5-7 is pretty cool
  5. Elegy did nothing wrong. I was on at the time and he had to stop the server from escalating. Unfortunately deathstar was the one who talked next, and received that punishment.
  6. GG's. You weren't an awper but I saw the dedi. Keep your chin up, and hopefully you realize upon reflection this community and its reactions aren't a reflection on you as a person.
  7. VPN join glitch. When attempting to join the awp server, it says you are on a VPN even after restarting game - able to join other community servers.
  8. Winny

    Frag Vid Music

    Sup gents, I'm making a vid, and I'd love your suggestions on good music choice. Hit me w/ ur best shit
  9. That's so nice of you to raise funds for the server
  10. When I see someone being a huge dick and arguing in a stupid way I ask if they're a Trump supporter and I'm right 100% of the times I ask.
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