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  1. yeah that was obvious. I swear he toggled his noscopes aimbot on or some shit as well
  2. Dumb bans have happened before *cough* like mine *cough*. I would say give him another chance. From what I can remember he was a good player so I can see how, especially on certain maps, one could be viewed as cheating when it wasn't really. +rep
  3. pretty big fan of lots of the megalo box music, ending is pretty decent too kinda forget how i found this second one but its cool also for the full weebs
  4. Winny

    New theme

    not necessarily a bug but im not a huge fan of the new theme
  5. TULLY IS AMAZING, as a former server operator he deserves lowly admin perms just so he can help out low key. I hope I see you on soon but I havent been active recently
  6. Needs more experience, ALSO U CANT DELETE AWP INDIA WINTER WTF R U THONKIN. that map is so much fun with a medium size server pop. Also just don't have the operator vibe to me as a major er
  7. jealous of mine and Augusts top tier humor clearly. its ok lil guy
  8. give him a warning cuz i did the exact same thing but on april fools. I DEMAND EQUALITY
  9. correlary, but Sniipe should honestly get some crown or something for his 100k kills
  10. LOL YOU EDITED YOUR POST SO IT SEEMED LIKE YOU WERENT BAMBOOZLEDDDDDDD. <3 it's april fools i love u doe its not like it isnt completely unbelievable because ive had beta keys beforeimage.png.042662a6c1e35bebce775f81256513fd.png

    1. Diam0ndz


      You're retarded. I edited my post to fix grammar. I used "your" when I should have used "you're". Thanks for the useless thought though.