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  1. In game name- near3 SteamId- STEAM_0:0:100521462 Position you are applying for- Super Admin Server you are applying for- Jail break Reason why you feel you deserve the position- First I want to start by saying thank you for giving me a chance to admin the sng servers. I know that I have been admin for only about 3 1/2 weeks now but in that time I think I have proved myself as an admin. During my time on jailbreak both before and during my time as admin my intentions have been the same, help the players of the jailbreak server the best I can and make it a fun and enjoyable place to be. I do my best to be on the jail break server as often as I can always helping people with what ever issue there may be. Even when I am not playing counter strike if someone asks for my help for any reason I do my best to get onto the jail break server and put an end to what ever may be going on. Like I said at the start my intentions will always stay the same and will never change, I just want the best thing for the players of jail break and the community.
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