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  1. Hbd qt

  2. oh hey

    just wanted to stop by and say that you are appreciated

    happy birthday

  3. I’ll take it thank you
  4. ImTuba


    Suuuuh Enjoy the cringe
  5. ImTuba

    Off to college

    Same bruh! Securing a solid education is the first step to a secure future! Good Luck!
  6. is this the SK shax?
  7. Physical therapist and business owner to secure my family and my future lots of school
  8. ImTuba


    I’m a server supervisor at an old folks home. Lots of stress comes with having authority.
  9. ImTuba

    Unban a niggahh

    Your opinion always matters
  10. Woah. I don’t think near did that.
  11. Disguise as an alien so they capture me, then break out from the inside
  12. ImTuba

    Giveaway :)

    Believe it or not, we supposedly ascended from apes but there is no identified species between human and ape evolution.
  13. HBD ded dawgie

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