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  1. Shout out Rewind and the splinters he suffered on that day. @Salty Cocaine

    and Happy Birthday

  2. So.... like ...... Siege?
  3. ImTuba

    Skynetgaming Team?

    Pro siege team duh
  4. ImTuba

    I miss you dude

  5. Invest like pat said. Motorcycles are dangerous too.
  6. Oblivious af, I played CSGO for at least 2000 competitive hours thinking that was the only thing you could do. I somehow found out about the Jailbreak server and met some great people. @near3 @Roadkiller02 @Tittbutts McLairne @Aiden @Jayyyyy @Patman and my worst enemy @GuardiaN I lived on that server. It was obsessive. I always find it crazy how much times have changed on Jailbreak. I found SK after burning out on JB and fell in love. Fast strafing, fast aiming, best shooting I’ve ever seen. It was competitive and alive. Sweat filled the air. That’s where I met @/\man @Medusa @BORING!z` @Hachi @Character @Ban @/<onrad @RedFlubber @Princess Bitch@motherfucker @Tomato @Amish_Wifi And so many others I can’t recall. That was THE best time I’ve had on SNG servers.
  7. This is kind of an oof amirite
  8. This retard is older now

  9. ImTuba


    Wassup welcome
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