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  • Birthday 06/20/2003

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    Dallas, Texas

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  1. Happy birthday I guess. I still remember signing up on the forums basically to just +rep you. It's too bad Deathrun got snapped. Oh well /shrug.

  2. gg men

    happy bday

  3. Ahh, good ole' Chase.

  4. Happy bday memer

  5. happy birthday



  6. Yo dude when you coming back?

    happy birthday!

  7. please unfollow me


    1. 7/11 is bae

      7/11 is bae


        September 23, 2017
  8. Chase88

    Goodbye SNG

    Not my community by the way... but anyways I was banned with no warning even though I wasn't being "toxic" I was stating an opinion on the topic everyone was talking about on the server.
  9. Chase88

    Selfie Topic

    Im scared lincon.... Hold me tight and dont let go <3 - Im not gay btw
  10. Happy birthday <3

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