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  1. Do I really even need to say anything lmao, Again obviously a massive +rep, my man Zurr been around forever and at this point a paragraph ain't even worth it, he's gonna get this position lmao.
  2. That's my boy right there Well deserved proud of you man! btw i told you so
  3. this is only because you stole my signature without asking meanie head ;(
  4. Chase88

    1001 posts

    Just wanted to shit post again to make it 1001. No but seriously I need to get a damn life, 1001 posts is actually ridiculous for a guy who was only really active on the forums for probably about 2 years at most. Glad to be apart of SNG again, missed a lot of y'all. Also I think I was banned during the time of appreciation posts, so I could make one to like try and be cool but tbh im lazy and have 100 other things I need to be working on rn. So to all the OGs love y'all. #BringBackSilverSorrow
  5. Damn I think that album name is perfect lowkey. Hivemind sounds like a song straight out of this game called Distance, game slaps btw. Strawberry that middle piece where you think the song is over but it just slaps right back on went hard af. And Shatter was one hell of a way to end the album, good shit my man.
  6. Sheeeessshh my boy Freezy lowkey taking over the question of the day @tie Like I said in an old question of the day 80s movies are fire, so easily Wargames or Topgun.
  7. Scratch this, its when @Hypnos had his freind make this. if you know then you really fucking know.
  8. Would love to see the old blue colors instead of the black and grey
  9. Sheeessssssssssssssh my mans nuts with it
  10. Getting banned for 4 years Probably the late-night calls talking with Hypnos, Chary, Merica, Laggins, Kel, and all of those OGs. Honestly get hit with Nostalgia thinking about the nights in silver sorrow
  11. Bleachers - chinatown (Ik its a single) The Weeknd - After Hours Honestly wasn't a huge fan of too much new music this last year, found myself listening to mostly the older stuff from the 80s or just stuff from 2010s and etc.
  12. Chase88


    Big W box, well deserved congratulooteles my man