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  1. +REP Great guy, gets along with people, would be a great admin. Love ya kazma
  2. That makes more sense. I assumed you asked for recommendations then shot them down without having ever watched them.
  3. Cowboy bebop is definitely a gem if you wanna check that out. Other than that you can't rule out an anime because it is "too mainstream". Makes you sound absolutely ignorant and retarded imo.
  4. HunterxHunter, Dr.Stone, Fireforce, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba.
  5. I personally use and highly recommend HyperX Could Alpha headphones and the Logitec G703 mouse. The mic I use is the Blue yeti however I recommend viewing a post @Patman made the other day on the topic of mics.
  6. I'm down with it as long as it cannot be abused like you say.
  7. Black clover, Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga, and Fireforce are my favorites that are currently streaming and are definitely worth the watch. Other than that some of my personal favorites are Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and My Hero Academia. Those are all my current recommendations.
  8. I started going to the gym and dieting so the weight loss is nice but other than that everything else is shit.
  9. Pulp Fiction, Superbad, Step Brothers, ted 1 (not 2), Fight Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Role Models, Interstellar, the kingsman movies, depending on your friend group the Office or Friends, or if you want to watch a really shit movie that is enjoyable while high, watch Zombeavers. These are just some off the top of my head that my friends and I have watched before and in some cases have watched again.
  10. Map was added, ty for the design. Depending on community feedback it will stay on the server for the foreseeable future.
  11. I was visiting a family member and they had people fixing the road in front of their house. Ya know those shiny things in the road to indicate a lane or whatever? My cousin decided to pick one up and fucking chuck it at me. I dodged that shit like a fucking ninja and was okay for all of 5 minutes. Then I passed out. What REALLY happened was I was hit in the side of the head of it and my right ear was sliced in two and I passed out due to blood loss. I wouldn't say the story itself is funny however the jokes and bickering that came in the years after were pretty great. (Family members pointing out that I can't hear anyone on my right side or just overall fucking with me about it.) I was 12 when it happened and I still get fucked with about it 7 years later.
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