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  1. What you are given (AD=18) is called a diagonal of a square. There is a formula that lets you find the diagonal of a square given a side length which would be your BD. The formula is D = a*√2, where D stands for diagonal and a stands for side length. Given that you can solve for a and that gives you roughly 11.313. You can times that number by 4 and find the perimeter of the base(45.252). From there you can use the pythagorean theorem (a^2+b^2=c^2) to find the slant height/ hypotenuse which is EC = 21.26. You can then use that hypotenuse in the pythagorean theorem to find your lateral height (ED) since you know that half of your BD is your other side of the triangle. a2+b2=c2 (21.26^2+5.66^2=c^2) 452+32=484 then square root 484 √484 = 22 (ED). EC =21.26 BD =11.313 ED =22 Perimeter of base = 45 (45.252) Pretty much I would recommend looking into the rules of regular squares, regular square pyramids, and congruent isosceles triangles. There are lots of super useful formulas and concepts that you can use to solve for more complex figures, in this case a regular square pyramid.
  2. gtx 1080, 4x8gb corsair vengeance rgb pro ddr4-3200mhz, samsung 970 EVO 500gb m.2 drive, 4tb seagate hard drive for mass storage, and amd ryzen 3 3200G. had a fuckin 2700x until the fucker died 2700x is at a good price rn so in the next few weeks ill be getting either that one again or just might get the 3700x. Not sure yet.
  3. +REP Great guy, gets along with people, would be a great admin. Love ya kazma
  4. That makes more sense. I assumed you asked for recommendations then shot them down without having ever watched them.
  5. Cowboy bebop is definitely a gem if you wanna check that out. Other than that you can't rule out an anime because it is "too mainstream". Makes you sound absolutely ignorant and retarded imo.
  6. HunterxHunter, Dr.Stone, Fireforce, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba.
  7. I personally use and highly recommend HyperX Could Alpha headphones and the Logitec G703 mouse. The mic I use is the Blue yeti however I recommend viewing a post @Patman made the other day on the topic of mics.
  8. I'm down with it as long as it cannot be abused like you say.
  9. Black clover, Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga, and Fireforce are my favorites that are currently streaming and are definitely worth the watch. Other than that some of my personal favorites are Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and My Hero Academia. Those are all my current recommendations.
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