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  1. woah hello there light blue man
  2. SK round wouldn't work imo since the mode relies on the map somewhat heavily. We have tried variations of different round types over the years but I think more special rounds would be a good addition. I could really see myself having a great time with the decoy, low gravity, and increased speed rounds. +rep for this idea
  3. what if? 👉👈🥴
  4. welcome to the forums
  5. what the fuck is that turn.. gonna have to try that one
  6. I'll miss you man, we've made lots of memories over the years. We all college boys now so do good and make me proud :)
  7. +rep, did a good job improving the server after it was left by char and is already actively zoning maps to be used on the server. Kel would be a great course operator.
  8. really did it to em' huh.

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