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  1. It was a fun run my man, good luck in college! College is rough for me too as I have so much in my plate but we got this :))
  2. FATTTTT +rep Long time player. He is well capable of knowing how to handle the server while maintaining a fun and positive enviornment. Add me to the recs broo @Random Toaster
  3. Zurr

    happy birthday

    much love bro. have a good day

  4. get the nissan laurel. ezpz ;D
  5. Spk


  6. Zurr

    Happy Birthday Lofty!

    I see your Snapchats in the gym getting those gains! Have a good day <3

    1. Loft


      U know it man :)

  7. tooba


  8. HBD u awping boi

  9. Hbd

  10. aye happy birthday lift

    1. Loft


      ty jensyl :D

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