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  1. too many people would complain tbh not the move not a bad idea wouldn't mind it being a round
  2. ye kinda broke ova here gimme ya kno
  3. Happy birthday u girl chick magnet ;) 

    Stay in school or ima whoop yo ass brother ;o 

  4. Happy birthday!

    If @Loft is cute you must be too :peepoLove:

  5. loft will always be better at awping than you 

    happy bday Isaac :peepoLove:

    1. ✪ Fade ツ

      ✪ Fade ツ

      lmao he trash tho u big gae :POGGERSXD:

  6. happy birthday 


    you big gae :peepoCheer:

  7. recently i have figured out that when i type place in chat, it doesent work and it says GAME:ME not yet available. Any help pls? thx.
  8. im from awp east and i recently saw that when i type place in chat it doesent work and it only says GAME:ME not yet 

    avalible. Pls help?

  9. i dont know abt this one hes a fair and nice person but as my brother and if u meet him in person hes a coompletly different person hes way more nicer but annyways best of luck bro

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