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  1. Rslays used to slay the person without giving them the role, but i've noticed that when i have slays on me but it was supposed to be my T round i get assigned traitor. I don't recall getting the innocent role but I have gotten slayed and got assigned T.
  2. Rslays used to slay the person without giving them the role, but i've noticed that when i have slays on me but it was supposed to be my T round i get assigned traitor. I don't recall getting the innocent role but I have gotten slayed and got assigned T. View full bug
  3. I don't really mind either way, but to add to ICAMP's point. Not letting the T know if the detective tased him gives the detective an upper hand. Usually the T always has the upper hand because they get to shoot first, but if the T isn't paying attention it leaves T's vulnerable.
  4. Decoy teleporter works i used it before.
  5. Just remove both of them at this point. People rarely buy anything as an inno let alone a taser which would be the same cost as the ID. Adding onto to George's point, you don't get anywhere near as many credits as you used to before the server went down. If the credits earned increased maybe it would be a good idea to make ID prove an Inno, but in its current iteration just remove ID and Fake ID
  6. Don't remove any of the TP items. Decoy and random teleport are useful item for escape if the T is in a bad situation. Some more items that aren't listed but should be removed is Fake ID. ID in general is a useless item that no one buys and does nothing. Maybe remove radar. It isn't a very useful way of finding/tracking players especially when we have tracer which does a better job of hunting down traitors. Ice knife isn't really useful because it doesn't kill your target. really only good if u want to freeze someone to kill others first, but i don't really see the use, nor do people use it. the ice bullet is much more useful then ice knife and you can freeze more than one target because u get multiple bullets. TA-Grenade is pretty bad item that should also be removed and was removed before the servers shut down.
  7. Alive ppl can STILL see dead chat EDIT SCRATCH WHAT I JSUT SAID alive ppl can see dead chat if u put a / or ! before what u are gonna type
  8. +rep was old super, already knows rules and would be a great super again
  9. In game name: PlantyIsGay Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:83588035 Server You Are Applying For (Must be server you are currently Super Admin For): TTT Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?: yep List below reasons why you deserve the position and separates you from other candidates: I've been super for over a year now. I know the server very well and I want to improve it to the best of my ability. I would constantly check the new maps to make sure they run with the server and whenever there was a TTT update i always tried to actively test for bugs to make sure the server runs smoothly for everyone to enjoy. I am dedicated to the server and I hope to get operator so I can further improve the server gameplay and community wise. What changes will you make to the server and will make you a good Operator?: Shop The shop is quite confusing so i would like to organize it The prices are also different from before the servers were down, so I would probably change them back unless community feels differently on some prices There are some items i would like to remove that were either removed before or serve no purpose like Fake ID is pretty pointless Server is running fine nothing much i would change besides the shop and most bugs are already reported and being fixed. List maps you will add or remove that will make the server more enjoyable: Remove: The map pool is small at the moment, so there is no maps i would remove. Add: There aren't many maps in the map pool and there is a lot i would like to add, so instead of just spamming a bunch of maps I'll just put some that i feel are the good maps to add to TTT ttt_sky_islands_csgo.bsp ttt_richburg_v2.bsp ttt_rats_kitchen_v1_sgedit.bsp ttt_princess_skyscraper5.bsp ttt_princess_forest_b1.bsp ttt_fastfood_a6_sg.bsp ttt_clue.bsp ttt_christmastown_v1.bsp ttt_afterglow_v1.bsp ttt_craftroom_csgo_v2.bsp List rules you would like to change if any: Remove: I feel the rules atm are alright and don't need changing. Add: Again i feel the rules suit the server well.
  10. Can we lower the time detectives cant use tasers. P sure it used to be for the first 15 or 20 secs of the round they cant use it but its like 30 seconds now.
  11. If i recall correctly, Fake body always revealed you as T if you scanned it. I dont think its broken and i think thats how the item is supposed to work. And for Coldblow thats my bad. I forgot we manually added guns to the map and the map itself doesnt have guns so either we can decide to remove atm or someone can readd it
  12. +rep even though HE is retarded and resigned just to reapply like 3 montsh later he knows a lot about ttt and will be a capable super
  13. Player Name PlantyIsGay Steam ID STEAM_0:1:83588035 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/PlantIsGay/ Age 16 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? returning super Active Servers TTT
  14. Damn its sad to see you leave because of all the things you have done for SNG, so Thank you and we will miss you
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