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  1. +rep One of the most mature guys I have ever met on SNG servers in general. Very level headed and great guy. Dedicated to the server and knows what he is doing. Gl
  2. +rep I know my opinion probably doesn't matter much since I'm not active much anymore but Noodles was one of the few guys who was always on when I was always on in my Jailbreak prime. Has suck more hours into the server than I have and genuinely cares for the well-being of the server. Would make an excellent operator. Gl my friend
  3. Now you just wait a minute here, I thought this was an original pfp you made for me not a reskin of an already existing image. Idk how to feel now
  4. happy bday country... im still tryna get those socks wiht ur face on it

    1. CountrySideDonkey


      Honestly bro I bought a pair for one of my teachers as a joke and she absolutely loved them so I might need to start selling them for real.

  5. +rep Bottom is a long time friend of mine. We've known each other since my early days on JB. Dude is always a pleasure to be around and have on. He is on all the time and is an excellent admin. I think he would make an absolutely amazing super. Gl my friend.
  6. Funny story. I found ‘Jailbreak’ on GMOD and joined and had no clue what I was playing. I just started killing everyone and got banned immediately for mass free killing. A few days later I was browsing servers on CSGO and found one called ‘SNG JB.’ I thought ‘hm like that server from GMOD?’ And joined it out of curiosity. Ended up loving the game mode and stuck around for 3 years.
  7. I can assure you, whataburger is like heaven on earth.