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  1. HBD u goddamn cute d a w g i e 

  2. happy bday country... im still tryna get those socks wiht ur face on it

    1. CountrySideDonkey


      Honestly bro I bought a pair for one of my teachers as a joke and she absolutely loved them so I might need to start selling them for real.

  3. +rep Bottom is a long time friend of mine. We've known each other since my early days on JB. Dude is always a pleasure to be around and have on. He is on all the time and is an excellent admin. I think he would make an absolutely amazing super. Gl my friend.
  4. hi donkey boy

  5. Funny story. I found ‘Jailbreak’ on GMOD and joined and had no clue what I was playing. I just started killing everyone and got banned immediately for mass free killing. A few days later I was browsing servers on CSGO and found one called ‘SNG JB.’ I thought ‘hm like that server from GMOD?’ And joined it out of curiosity. Ended up loving the game mode and stuck around for 3 years.
  6. I can assure you, whataburger is like heaven on earth.
  7. The last time we changed it back it was supposed to be 'set in stone' Can we just make up our mind please
  8. I’m literally the best person to ever walk on this earth, there isn’t an aspect about me I can’t love.
  9. Get Rid of it Please. One of the main things that has been killing JB for me specifically is hns days. They’re boring, long, an not very fun for me. The only time I can remember genuinely enjoying a HNS day was back before all the rules changed and people would do hide and seek days without a built in day setting. They’d just call a HNS day and T’s would still be able to get guns and do secrets, and then they’d either kill the CT’s or get killed. It made the days go quicker, and just made them more enjoyable for me. Personally I would like to see it gone. I’m not a fan, never really was, never really will be.
  10. +rep hes a good guy would excel in a role of admin
  11. I’m a patriotic American who loves my country, of course I stand
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