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  1. Hunter

    Kels Sodality App

    +rep been around a long time and carries in league sometimes when i play lee sin
  2. Change your name

    1. Halloweenchi


      halloween is always

    2. rage 🎃

      rage 🎃

      yeah spook is racist u fuggin homogay

    3. Yato


      Missu mr DR god

  3. Hunter


    grats man, well deserved!!!
  4. ;( LMAO, i remember you, you tried to convince us that you werent the same person as your brother so we tried to get you both in ts and to say different things at the same time like east and west and you dropped a weast or some shit like that. I know for a fact you remember that. @sleepy @Pedro Deuces remember that shit?
  5. uhh fuck no speed cap imo. like I completely agree with iu9. I understand that the faster you move the more fun you can have but that shit fades, ive played on no speed cap servers before and its just dudes finishing the map faster than the t can even get to the third trap and then they kill him and it becomes boring after you do it over and over. I dont mind a higher tick rate as long as speed cap is the same.
  6. xen


  7. happen birthday

  8. hbd cutie

  9. Happy birthday :PepePls:

    rocket league player

  10. HBD:KappaPride:

  11. happy birthmas!


  12. Happy birthday!

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