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  1. Rip Smee Tower Good additions tho.
  2. Aight this is pre cool, gud stuff Box That prize pool tho!
  3. +rep Big yes, always had positive interactions with loft, been here long time which will def help him out here. Gl dood
  4. +rep Isn't a very serious issue, seams pretty apologetic and it was 3 years ago.
  5. +rep 2017! I don't see any reason not to unban him. Don't hackerino next time main
  6. +rep Spooky has really grown not only as a player, but as a person. Treats every player with respect, and shows clear traits of super admin material. Always active and a pre damn fun guy to have around. Gl main!
  7. Ye I agree w @Jensyl Ninja just looks cleaner. Glock looks pre good aswell.
  8. Damn Crispy! Insanely clean, cable management really nice as well!! I wish. Working on upgrading my pc rn, cant wait for my parts to get here.
  9. +rep I've never had any problems with Colin, he follows the rules with ease, enforces them when need be, and is just a really chill guy. He would be a great addition the admin team on JB. Add me to your recs if you want 2 Gl main!
  10. Sup Ben, been seeing you on JB from time to time. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Pre good vid Tooba! Keep up the good shit 4:38 that rag-doll tho

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