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  1. HBD XTC!!

  2. Im pre sure there are already flashlights, on some of the servers. Use the comand !fl on ttt or try what bucket said
  3. Happy birthday BRK!! :pepoD:

  4. HBD man! :pepecowboy:

  5. SaltyMeatBalls

    RTX 30'S

    The prices are actually just insane, I would've totally gotten one but I recently got myself a new gpu, so no real need.
  6. Both games a pre fun imo, however I think fall guys takes the lead. So i would recommend buying fall guys over among us.
  7. Sup Kais brother! Been seeing you on awp from time to time, Welcome to the forums!
  8. HBD Comf!!:pepoD:

  9. +rep Had absolutely ZERO problems w Koris, hella chill guy and just really nice. Would have no problems handling the admin position. Add recs If want :)
  10. SaltyMeatBalls


    Sup! Welcome back!
  11. Wow, thank you October! Count me in :)
  12. Count me in! Edit: nvm count me out, just bought it :)

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