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  1. hbd i love you

  2. Sup Oni, Welcome to the forums!
  3. Sup Myst! Ive been seeing you on awp, dr, and mg from time to time. Welcome to the forums
  4. SaltyMeatBalls W sum snowflakes or sum on each sides
  5. Im pre sure there are already flashlights, on some of the servers. Use the comand !fl on ttt or try what bucket said
  6. Happy birthday BRK!! :pepoD:

  7. The prices are actually just insane, I would've totally gotten one but I recently got myself a new gpu, so no real need.
  8. Both games a pre fun imo, however I think fall guys takes the lead. So i would recommend buying fall guys over among us.
  9. Sup Kais brother! Been seeing you on awp from time to time, Welcome to the forums!