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  1. Hello, It's me Jaune. I know its been quite some time, I've been busy as all hell but I need a favor. See I just completely wiped my hard drives therein all my stuff from them is gone. I had tons of personal assets and stuff on there but that's unimportant. I realise course is closed now, sadly. But I was interested in knowing if sng kept the course assets, mainly the maps from course. See I made a map, It was called something like mg_jaune_course_v1 and it was my first map. I would like to see if I can get that map back, as in just send it to me so I can edit it (heavily) and make a mg_jaune_course_v2. Now that I finally have free time. I've gone on quite a hunt already by asking some former members and mappers but I was informed @Kel and @Hypnos might be able to help.
  2. We only talked once but you're a great guy and I know you can do this. Best of luck, praying for you
  3. Well that was unnecessary. You don't need to tell someone something bad
  4. Hey this is just a quick clip I got of my last comp, dank pistol round Also my first time editing a frag shot so I hope its good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mflDEPERyoQ
  5. 1. Jaune 2. STEAM_0:0:71815074 3. I have made and I know this is different and lets be honest a lil stupid but its complex, I made minecraft maps. I have made crappy maps for other games but I did recently make a course map for csgo that was added to sng course. Its my main one and I spent alot of time on it. 4. Yes I only have one csgo map that I've made and its on the sng server right now but the bsp is there for download. It is SNG only. I am also making a bhop map with custom textures so be on the lookout for that. 5. I enjoy making maps, designing maps and the architecture of it, I am going to study architecture after high school anyway so it may just help. I like knowing all around the map and like the experience. Im not the best and I want to learn more from this experience. mg_jaunes_course_v1.bsp
  6. almost as good as me. hitting them juan deags but not jaune deags ;D
  7. The afk timer on course, In my opinion is a little fast, I accidently tab out for a second but when I get back into the game like a few seconds later I've been kicked
  8. I love gloves and agree sng should add many more gloves for vips but first get the important stuff done first, then work on gloves.
  9. Kel is a mature player and has been very helpful to me. +Rep
  10. Lol good flicks , why does the video look so dark?
  11. No, I made posts months ago. One was "say something nice about people" which iCamp and others responded to, I made min. 11 posts a long time ago. Click here - https://gyazo.com/61743a12ad9b78f70b655a93144804de
  12. I did not, You can check as a bunch of my posts were months ago
  13. 1. Jaune 2. STEAM_0:0:71815074 3. Chicken007 & Haavex 4. 16 Years of Age 5. I used to be a moderator on a course server called uW (underWorld) and their mods had the same power SNG admins do and I was a successful moderator right up until the server closed down. So I have some experience going into this and I spend most of my time on course anyway. I noticed course only has chary which does a damn good job but everyone can use help, So I can deal with AFK people wither they are actually AFK or credit farming, and just reinforce the rules while if chary or someone needs help, I can do the job. I feel you have the right to know I do have a job that will take up a little bit of my time. It's only part-time so I'll be around most of the time. 6. I am most known in the SNG Course Server. Note: I hope it's okay, I just want to clarify I want to be admin for course because they need some and I know a lot about course already.
  14. Jaune

    Jaune Case V1

    I honestly didn't think of me making money, but I'll only make $0.0623 per case so it will take forever to make $1 which is useless on this site. It is not intentional to advertise as I was trying to connect with sng users with someone csgo related. You could make a sng case just saying.
  15. Jaune

    Jaune Case V1

    It's not advertising, it's making people open my case and get them skins that I like but for some reason others don't If it is advertising may you explain to me how?
  16. Jaune

    Jaune Case V1

    If you would like to open Jaunes Case V1 at a price of $6.00 with an equal chance of each skin at 20% on drakemoon. Goto Drakemoon --> New Cases --> In search type Jaune --> Review Contents --> Open Case --> Wrote here what you got and what V2 Should have --> END
  17. Jaune

    East vs West

    So where is the actual west coast vs the east coast. I always go east because I assume its where I am (Nova Scotia) but Im not totally sure, can someone tell me which is better and uhh yes the title is completely click bait. You. Are. Welcome.
  18. I want to get into online drawing/ graphic design for a youtube channel as an awesome hobby. I need things to practice drawing from memory so when I draw from a reference its easier. Im an idiot and cant think of hard things but well known so post something for me to draw and Ill post my drawing of it. You criticize me (compliment if you like ;)) and ill be thankful. pls support the cause!
  19. Oh my gosh the Blue People
  20. Welcome to the forums! Also Neat formatting
  21. Congratulations Sir, I personally like JB but haven't seen you on it. I mean I haven't played too much but anyways Congrats
  22. I think you should come back to course, its where the cool people are. But congrats about Operator anyways
  23. Okay I love your thing, the signature I think. I get feels reading it. Whats it actually from, the quotes?

    1. Glancelot 雪ミク

      Glancelot 雪ミク

      Anime: Sword Art Online

      Quotes: Just a meme :3

    2. Jaune


      best meme ever


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