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  1. kam

    its been awhile

    how has everyone been?
  2. kam

    Selfie Topic

    you need a bigger size shirt?
  3. @Isaachow much to get rid of fort?
  4. kam


    waste of my time
  5. kam


    thats not on his map
  6. kam


    hit up Delaware my guy
  7. http://plays.tv/video/5a5bf448930980e964/-
  8. kam


    hey guys its been awhile but my time has come... these past 2+ years have been great for me i have enjoyed all the friends ive made and all he people ive met in the process. thanks @dun @Isaac @MERICA™ @j3nsyl @Jako @Velox i love these 6 people and i will always remember them bye guys @Cactus@KappaKappa213@Tomato and these kids i guess
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