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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Gucci

    Guccis Unmute Appeal

    there were many people that day on the mic it was an afternoon on a holiday so theres always a bunch of people, that is why i left the server due to the amount of people mic spamming and my mic does that when i have push to talk on the image stays there for a while but there was no sound coming through
  3. Gucci

    Guccis Unmute Appeal

    Tell me when i was ranting i have only been on the server for 30 minutes in the past week and in that time i have not done any of the things you have accused me of
  4. Gucci

    Guccis Unmute Appeal

    yes if i mic spammed again i would get perma muted but i haven't mic spammed since you unmuted me a few weeks ago So you're pretty much saying that Sora perma muted you for nothing at all? That's pretty hard to believe when almost all of your mutes are because of mic spam. all those mutes were from 3 weeks ago when i was toxic before icamps unmuted me since then i have not received any mutes or gags
  5. Gucci

    Guccis Unmute Appeal

    i said the server was bad (jokingly) 1 week ago and i was not nonstop talking the entire server was cancer at that time there was like 4 people on the mic at once who were non stop talking
  6. Gucci

    Guccis Unmute Appeal

    yes if i mic spammed again i would get perma muted but i haven't mic spammed since you unmuted me a few weeks ago
  7. 1:Gucci 2: STEAM_0:1:42468410 3: Sora 4:Mic spam/toxicity 5: Perma 5:I was perma muted on Monday night while i was not on the server. I joined the server later that night and noticed i was muted again. I checked the forums and sure enough i was muted. So i was recently unbanned from a week ban on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday i was at my friends house and Sunday my cousins were at my house so i was pretty much not on for all 3 of those days. On Monday the day i was muted i came on in the morning for a little bit then i came on later that day. I was not muted during any of these times it wasn't until monday night i realized it. So over these past 4 days i was probably on the server for a total of 25-30 minutes and in this time i did not yell into my mic, play any form of music or sound clips, and i haven't even opened my soundboard in weeks. I have no idea how i was mic spamming and the fact that i was muted offline confuses me even more there is no way someone could have recorded me doing anything because there was nothing to record me doing. The toxic part well i know i can be a bit toxic sometimes but its all in jokes i never mean any of it but this weekend in those 30 minutes i dont know how i was being toxic at all. I do not know what evidence there is against me due to no admins being on to my knowledge in the time i spent playing on Monday. Thank you for your time
  8. idk why i wasnt ignoring any admins triggered didnt give me any orders or anything i just said i dont like the server and he said let me take care of that and then i get banned
  9. 1:Gucci 2: STEAM_0:1:42468410 3:Triggered 4:For saying i dont like the server 5:1 WK ban 5:I came on the server while it was on swoobs mini course and i noticed the rank plugin was working so I made a joke saying the server isnt good and that it sucks obviously im joking im a regular who comes on every day and triggered says let me help you with that and bans me for a week smh.
  10. I dont do that anymore i have changed i promise you can ask anyone who gets on course now i realized how much i love the server and how toxic i was being too it so i changed my ways
  11. 1. Gucci 2. STEAM_0:1:42468410 3. Icamps 4.Mic spamming 5.30 day mute 6.So i was recorded mic spamming on the course server once and i was muted for 30 days, there are people who constantly mic spam on course and are caught but only get muted for 30 minutes every time cough cough OG panda. I am very sorry that i mic spammed and i have been muted for about a week now and whether or not this is approved or denied i will never mic spam again, thank you for your time.

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