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  1. I will fight both of you.
  2. Hello SNG, it has come to my attention that it is Spooky Month. Though I may not be active in the community anymore, I figured it's my duty to notify everyone to change their name to have spooky/spook in it. It is a tradition in my book, and should be mandatory during Spooky Month, in my opinion. I have come back to this ancient relic of a website for the soul purpose of raising awareness of Spooky Month. Thank you for reading. P.S. I miss you all. I support everyone in SNG and wish everyone involved in the community the best of luck with enforcing rules and keeping SNG great throughout these many years it has been alive and will be alive.
  3. ohoho, the one day I go on the website and my buddy has a birthday :hahaYES:

    Happy Birthday Blakeypoo :peepoLove:

    1. Underspooked


      Oh God oh frick oh man oh jeez the madman actually showed up on the ferms someone stop her.


      FR though thank you bunches, happy to call you a friend. :peepoLove:

  4. Me being who I am, I am sad to see surf go. But I support everything you guys are doing. I am of course not the most active person on the community, but still care deeply for it and everyone involved. Good work guys
  5. Y'all ready for a 10-man? Can't wait to crush others with Lux. 

    1. Hunter


      I just got the BEEmo skin, hahahaha. I can't wait to play that little yordle boy scout!!!

  6. Dylan and I use the same spotify, and I just want to say all of those except for Twenty One Pilots is him. Edgy af.
  7. lmao +rep because I was told to
  8. dream car : (Volkswagen Thing) my car: (got that mom van)
  9. been 2 years since i joined the forums btw


    August 15, 2016

    1. winter


      congrats you og

  10. Just gonna put this here, since I still feel this way. I don't know if he is different now, but he was bad before.
  11. Congrats on turning 13! :hahaYES:

  12. sound_override 2 I think is the command to stop the music. I use to (and I think I still do have) a bind saying to put that in console to stop the music. ez.
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