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  1. happy bday!

  2. Green looks good on you. Congrats
  3. Lemons


    Congrats afk king
  4. Lemons


    I guess congrats
  5. Lemons

    Blue man

    Congrats brotha. Well deserved
  6. I know I have been afk but i'm still alive working a lot and playing lots of hockey. But here's my current setup at the moment it's nothing to fancy. Been playing Modern Warfare so hit me up if you wanna get carried. PC Specs: I9-9900k 32gb ram Rtx 2080Ti Monitors: MSI Optix Mpg27cq Asus idk
  7. Congratulations @Noodlesssss You have won yourself a Awp Hyper Beast Please add me on steam to claim your prize. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ahorrnylemon/ More giveaways will be announced later this month.
  8. Proobs knows he's shit and does a great job at it. I would like to see him as dev to help out with things Even tho he doesn't like me
  9. Happy Birthday maple leaf

  10. That's a lie he said that to me in game on the map bowling for slaying another admin for rdming. So he's the one who's lying to you @proobs
  11. So I know apparently yall aren't caught up on the TTT rules with the situation that both of you are talking about on removing my slays. I already talked to @redderfry about it. So when this happened @B0xerZ went in the T room he was inno where t's only can go and I kosed him then killed him. He puts slays on me for doing it. The recent events on an admin complaint from the other day got me thinking about this and I was 100% justified on kosing and killing you. For the reasons in the rules saying that Entering a Traitor room not accessible to innocents is kosable Red confirmed this on the admin compliant. Only time I have ever removed my slays was on that incident
  12. +rep He's a well known player on the server and knows the rules really well. Always messages me if things have came up when no admins are on. Good Luck bud
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