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  1. Happy Birthday Whippersnapper 

  2. Family comes first Pat. Praying for you and your family
  3. When you have 10k plus credits when you're T and you buy a black hole having 3 grenades in your inventory you waste 10k on a black hole because you're full. Basically you're screwed out of 10k credits. Please fix this it's happened many times to me and others on the server.
  4. Happy Birthday Blue Boy

  5. +rep Aim God and he's really active on TTT.
  6. Happy Birthday Jen :peepoLove:

  7. Oh shit green guy again. Glad you're back bud

  8. Lemons


    Hello old friend, Glad to see you’re back looking forward to speaking with you again. Lemon
  9. Happy Birthday Bud

  10. Lemons


    Welcome young man. You’ll see me on TTT a lot it’s the only thing I play.
  11. Lemons

    Happy Birthday youngin 

  12. Happy Birthday Young Man

  13. Yes this is a known thing. Admins can take the slays off
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