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  1. +rep salty is a nice and knows the rules he would definitely help mg
  2. +rep would definitely make the server less retarded
  3. +rep has played for a long time and knows what he is doing
  4. +rep jay has played jb for a long time and is a nice guy he would definitely make it better
  5. +rep fade has played for a long time and knows what to do. He would definitely be a good addition to help us out.
  6. +rep Tully has been a admin before and knows the rules, he would definitely be a great addition back
  7. +rep the man has definitely has matured and is ready for super
  8. CurryAssassin


    Congrats monkey
  9. +rep He is a veteran player and knows what he is doing
  10. We all know you are not the problem however your brother is but if he does not have access as you say he does then I do not see a problem. However that is up for staff to decide.

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