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  1. know that even when im in a hard time i got people that really care about my well being to help me out the best they can no matter what.
  2. well i got a question are you talking about the one that give you special effects or just the regular one because the one that have the effect disappear because its getting rid of the effect but the other times they should work but most of the time when there is a decoy it to give a special effect.
  3. Savage

    Work stories

    i was working on top of a scaffold one day and when i was tighting one of the bolts for the ladder i dropped my wrench so i thought it would be fine until i got down to the ground but nope i was wrong a bird flew over to my wrench picked it up and flew off thats one of the weirds thing i had happen to me while i was working
  4. sup revial welcome to the forums.
  5. if we go back to the old days me hunter and mudkip the starters of speed is the best on dr but i may be the only one good enough am i right @El Mudkip @Hunter
  6. wait i wanna join but im speed
  7. His maps were removed do to the fact that everytime his map would come on it would crash the server
  8. Savage

    Map Suggesions

    minecraft and blblblbl both were broken but they did get fix they did not stay broken but yes ecliptic was on the servers i didnt take it out and ik mudkip did not either because it was still there when i was op but i think classic was on the server a while back but like you said everyone hated it. so all in all someone else besides me and mudkip removed ecliptic so maybe someone else would know about that
  9. Savage


    Thx i love it
  10. 1. In game name - Savage 2. Steam id -STEAM_1:0:151294368 3. Designer you are requesting - any willing to do it 4. What is your budget - 40 bux 5. Give a brief description of what kind of artwork you want done - i just want a profile picture that is pretty cool but would want a background like this or similar with the writing savage on it but it looking very nice and clean and having to do something with cars
  11. Savage


    wait what are yall using to find it
  12. -rep I think you should wait a little longer because i feel like you are not ready to handle everything that goes on the server .... but best of luck.
  13. Thx i was wondering why i got a strange trade offer.
  14. you can use my rec +rep has been trying to help and does try to enforce the rules and is also mature.
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