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  1. Yeah I have to agree with godface on this one, follow the format of an appeal then see where you can get from there
  2. +rep always friendly and mature about things
  3. Yeah I can agree with you on experience. She definitely would look a lot better on the application if she had more of it that pros still outweigh the cons in my opinion.
  4. +rep even though what j3nsyl said may hold some truth I definitely think Jess does a good job at what she does end up doing
  5. +something, Ill think of what that somthing is later
  6. Thanks hunter, for pointing out how bad hu- wait a minute...
  7. The video its self isnt enough proof to just ban him on the spot but I do think the quiet watching from admins is a good idea to see if he is or isnt
  8. Can get salty at times but usually is a pretty chill guy +rep
  9. After I reviewed the video I couldn't lean one way or the other 100% Honestly it was kinda sketchy but on the other hand he was not trying to aim threw the walls all the time so idk. Admins are going to have to watch him for a bit if he ever come back to any sng server where you are actively shooting guns but I do not think he should be banned or anything yet (if at all).
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