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  1. It's been a good ride guys but I think it's time I hang up the green name, i'm barely active in the servers etc and think it's time some others to have a chance at the green name. I've had lots of great memories and met many friends in my time here, I hope I managed to make some people smile/laugh over the years. Take care everyone & I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving/Christmas coming up <3
  2. Never tried it, not a huge fan of fish but i'll try sushi in the future :)
  3. Christmas Lawl


    Have a nice holiday (:
  4. We've had this discussion a few times, answer is always no, sorry.
  5. @Cabbage Everytime I've had that error I just delete the map in the folder, load cs back up and connect back to w/e server you were trying to connect to and it'll redownload the server version of the map.
  6. Surprised you made it to this age and haven't had a heart attack yet you chubby little bastard
  7. Pretty much what the title says, what do you listen to while exercising/working out? If you don't do any then post something others might listen to while working out?
  8. Couldn't think of a name like 6 years ago, friends knew me as Lawl after it and it stuck & these friends are all owners/highups of SNG now (:
  9. I have waited so long yet have gotten so little


  10. Good man, send more animu
  11. Surprised the twitch isn't fat with giant titties tbf
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