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Everything posted by Lawl

  1. I genuinely don't remember you, must have been a lil shit to get perma'd by me tho
  2. Started talking to my shadow, he's pretty funny
  3. That steam id isn't even banned tho? Does it not let you join the zombie server?
  4. Avoiding ppl to the best of my ability for my parents sake :)
  5. who tf gonna sniff my toes now...
  6. You kinda dip then come back, make a course post, dip again, come back and expect operator. I'm not very active on the servers etc but I don't think you should be able just to hop into an operator position after a long hiatus
  7. Course would bring me back to cs more often, +1
  8. Lawl

    Questions.. @_@

    1. America to meet friends I suppose 2. Either French or Korean 3. Purple 4. Not working out years ago 5. Don't really live by any 6. I really wanted to be a fireman when I was younger 7. Chicken/Beef burritos
  9. hol up I think you have us confused with tango
  10. Happy bday :)

  11. Probably The Lion King/Mulan - Rocky movies - Rambo movies Can't decide between them all but they're right up there at the top of my fav movies
  12. Lawl

    informative video

    take care of your plants :)
  13. started jerking off into a plant pot, also taking more care of myself
  14. +rep carries flags in halo
  15. Lawl

    Yo, it's time.

    It's been a good ride guys but I think it's time I hang up the green name, i'm barely active in the servers etc and think it's time some others to have a chance at the green name. I've had lots of great memories and met many friends in my time here, I hope I managed to make some people smile/laugh over the years. Take care everyone & I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving/Christmas coming up <3

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