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  1. He was part of a group that were all banned for being toxic and detrimental to the servers, after his friends got banned he then said "watch, i'm gonna go get banned too" He wasn't merely banned just for saying he's going to go get himself banned, don't be so stupid. I honestly didn't care what you could have done, I don't believe you would have "done anything to the server". You can do a bunch of stuff & get banned without doing something to the server, like your friends done. I didn't have any problems with twin before this mess, I was just told he was part of the group and was sent screenshots of convos. So I banned him with the rest. I do 100% think you weren't joking though, all your friendgroup was mass banned and you wanted to look cool and get banned with them.
  2. You weren't banned for anything to do with snapchat, I can't even be doxxed from my snap. You were banned for being in the friend group & saying "i'm gonna go get banned too" so I banned you before you could do anything.
  3. He is good soldier, give this man admin
  4. I would like to have fun pre-round and zoom across places, + it was funny.
  5. Happy birthday old friend

  6. Lawl

    A short report

    At least it was better than Sushi man's ban appeal
  7. Seems like you have beef with a lot of people on the server Shots. I watched the video, nothing really seemed bad about it, he slayed when he screwed up. You and others were firing 'shots' at one another (pun intended, i'm fucking hilarious I know) I think if the server is like that maybe you shouldn't be warden and let others do it, also maybe talk it out with people instead of making complaints on one another. Oh and nobody likes strict wardens. All of this is completely expected from JB players tho, y'all childish af.
  8. Imagine typing all this out
  9. Lawl

    Ban Name Days

    Why ban them entirely, why not just limit how many times you can change their names? Limit to once/twice
  10. Ayyy lets go @redderfrycongrats bud, i'm sure you'll be good for the server you horny gamergirl
  11. xd hey what's up dude xd welcome xd
  12. You should both hop in TS at the same time & talk with @proobs about it, that way we'll know if you're brothers or just the same person (:
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