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addi last won the day on June 25 2018

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  1. Spk


  2. Happy Birthday

  3. wtf. ur gonna import a chaser. im fucking jealous
  4. addi

    AWP Tourney

    need a team bois
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. addi


    5. Black Panther The Album - Many Artists 4. Ballads 1 - Joji 3. FIVE FIVE - Pouya 2. DiCaprio 2 - J.I.D 1. Ta13oo - Denzel Curry
  7. +rep. carry him in comp. hes not a cheater
  8. all i want is just a clean ass s15 silvia with a v8 or 2j or a fd rx7 with a LS or a clean ass 86. Can't find stock ones a lot so that would be nice. FUCK IMPORT LAWS
  9. addi

    name change

    addi>santa if you are wondering how i got it, last name is addison.

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