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  1. stfu

    1. Element


      I'm going to have to report this to one of the higher ups on the sky man gaming net forums, because I don't tolerate this kind of behavior. ILL C U IN THE SLAMMER.

  2. so anyways...when is player skins coming back? asking for a friend
  3. We rarely played at the same time on awp, but you were always in the middle of the action. Sad to see another long time player depart from SNG. GL
  4. Hypn0

    B0xerZ Super App

    -rep He doesn't like when people argue with him and instantly mutes them without warning. I feel that being a server admin is a good spot for boxerz rn
  5. @Smiles Didn't get them Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:237305824 Team name: b0xerz is gay
  6. what's the status of the rewards @Smiles