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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy bday!@!!#!@#!@#!@#

  3. Box

    fuck you

    happy bday :FeelsBirthdayMan::100cent:

  4. I don't get on TTT very often at all, but when I do vegan has literally been there every time and I've only had good experiences with him. +rep gl
  5. is a bit too much of a fucking cutie for the role but +rep
  6. Village tho, it's not bad for the newbies and has LJ area
  7. Wooper is a perfect candidate due to is ability to be insanely active on discord +rep
  8. This is exactly my point. I have no fucking idea why you haven't been banned. Shits actually crazy to me.
  9. Let's all take a second to glance over what deathstar is like in-game. 1. He never stops talking. 2. Never has anything of value to say 3. Is never friendly in anyway towards other players. 4. Is genuinely toxic to literally everyone. Honestly if KayKay was banned for being a "toxic" person this player should be as well.
  10. SnKcx


    Who the fuck invited this degenerate to the forums? For real though, welcome.
  11. + Rep one of the best admins on SNG and I think should be the golden standard that admins should be held to.