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  1. @Duckyy please get with a interview team member and set up a time for your interview.
  2. locking this, if there is any video proof contact me or another staff member to unlock this post
  3. Denied you must appeal the global ban before you can appeal here, as we don't tolerate cheaters.
  4. Welcome to the forums brother. Questions? refer to me or another staff member. :)

    Selfie Topic

    havn't been fishing in a while i was excited @Sunless we gutted and cleaned them gonna have a fish fry sometime this week.

    Selfie Topic

    Went fishing today caught the 2 biggest bass out of my friends, we caught about 20 bass today.
  7. Accepted congrats !!! @ Diam0ndz 👻 or @ proobs 🎃 with transfer your perms.
  8. Accepted congrats!!! @ Diam0ndz 👻 or @ proobs 🎃 will take care of your perms.
  9. Accepted congrats!!! @ Diam0ndz 👻 or @ proobs 🎃will switch your perms
  10. No sufficient evidence was brought forward against the admin. Going by your slays you should go over the rules and act better on our servers. Locking
  11. Thats all the accounts on the ip @Sunless we will wait for evidence.
  12. being a donator doesn't mean you get special treatment btw source bans says otherwise, we will wait for the video from lemon.
  13. MERICA

    Spray Bans

    Spray bans doesn't load for me it just says Processing. pls help @ August
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