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  1. wow i wasn't invited wth
  2. Congrats brother, Welcome to the staff team
  3. Denied, you must first apply for admin before you can apply for super. Also you dont meet the requirements for either positions. Link your steam account to the forums, and have 20 forum post (dont spam or shitpost)
  4. Staff has decided that for you to be unbanned your cousin will have to appeal the original ban and be accepted. Denied
  5. do your cousins live with you? @BlueShyGuy
  6. well written, but we cant just unban one of you and keep the other banned because we wouldn't know if you got on his account and played after he is unbanned. we will decide when we get community feedback. after we get feedback I will need you both in discord to confirm that you are separate people. can confirm that they are separate people
  7. get your brother to appeal the original ban, you are both connected to the same ip. as i said on your last appeal any appeal other than your brother appealing will be denied.
  8. You havn't even checked the forums since you appealed. Since you are ban evading and dont want to answer questions im going to deny this. If it was your brothers account get him to appeal the original ban for cheating. otherwise all other appeals will be denied. Denied
  9. your "brother" was banned for cheating
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