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    gonna lock this since the player was punished with slays.
  2. Ban appeal accepted, if you are banned again for cheating you will have no chance of appealing.
  3. the ban was for a mass rdm its only 1 week @Bottomfraf also how can you think you were t if you were a detective?

    [RUST] Giveaway

    you already know, running with the squad bo
  5. Denied you have a terrible attitude.
  6. Happy early birthday brother YEE YEE

  7. 1 arguing isnt going to solve or help anything in this situation. 2 Deathstar has a history of being toxic on server, ive witnessed that 3 im locking this to prevent this from being a bigger shitstorm than it already is Deathstar if you have the "evidence" pm me it and i will handle the rest. " You see half the people that is commenting on here wasn't even on the server. They just dislike me" There is a reason for that,Most people don’t dislike others for no reason. And that reason was stated multiple times throughout this thread: mainly toxicity. Also you not wanting to provide evidence on the admin that you are reporting is pointless, this whole topic is.
  8. Denied upon request of the applicant, you may reapply whenever you want.
  9. Accepted Congrats @ Diam0ndz give him perms
  10. MERICA


    Welcome to the forums brother
  11. lowered the ban to 1 week, Read the rules so something like this can be avoided. If you are banned again for the same reason the ban will be longer.
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