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  1. Welcome, had a good time with ya on the server. just holler at me if you need anything or have any questions.
  2. You can buy a RCA adapter for the systems on amazon. then if you want it HDMI you can buy the RCA to HDMI adaptor on amazon aswell :)
  3. Unbanned, please don't shoot into stacks :) Appeal Accepted. Have fun gamer
  4. Welcome back brother

    hi im weak

    Welcome brother
  6. Since the ban was 2 years ago, ill give ya a second chance. Note that if you return to your bad behavior you will be re-banned. Ban Appeal Accepted. have fun gamer
  7. The Interview Team and I would like to see you serve some more time as a Server Admin before you can take a interview. The reasons are that you need some time to get used to being a Admin and to not be trigger happy with bans, I hope you will respect our decision. You may re-apply in 4 weeks from now
  8. Insufficient evidence Ban Appeal Accepted
  9. Take care brother YEE YEE

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