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  1. YE YE happy birthday MERICA! :blobdance:

    1. MERICA


      Thanks brother yee yee

  2. HBD! I'm right behind you ;)

    1. MERICA


      Thanks brother 

  3. HBD stupid idiot, please dont ban me

  4. Denied, we just did a mass unban. The fact that you got banned right after tells me that you have no respect for SNG'S rules. At first you lied about it, then after a couple reply's you edit the appeal telling the truth, yeah no. There is no sincere apology in this appeal. you may reapply in 2 months from now, and I expect a truthful and overall better appeal.
  5. Well deserved brother from one AWP operator to another, lmk if i can do anything to help you. Congrats


    Welcome to the forums! :)
  7. We brought back SK on our event server for a week to see how it would do, the server kinda died within 3 days. Im sure in the future we would bring it back to the event server.

    hey guys

    Santa hope you are well brother, glad to see you are still around.
  9. Welcome back. You obviously have matured in regards of me talking with you, aslong as you don't do anything stupid again you will be fine. Have fun gamer might I add I used to live in Corpus Christi TX
  10. Mass Unban The last couple of weeks @ Director 's and high @Staff have decided to do a mass unban in hopes to see some population in the community, that time is now here. People who are largely detrimental to SNG or pose a threat to members of our community are to remain banned. Those that are now unbanned if you do not comply with SNG rules you will be banned again. Hopefully we gain some traction from this decision. Have fun gamers ~ your community redneck
  11. Ill go ahead an unban you, your ban was for multihacking. Its been awhile so ill give ya a second chance. Have fun gamer.
  12. MERICA

    Its time.

    Thanks for everything you have done for me brother, ofc its not a goodbye because we talk often anyways.