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  1. Given it was along time ago I will give you a second chance, just note if you are banned for cheating again you will not have a chance to appeal. Have fun gamer
  2. sorry for the watermark didn't want to pay for it  
  3. @Jensyl is one of many of my closest friends in SNG, I can honestly say if it wasn't for him setting me straight I wouldn't be at the position I am in today, since I was a toxic ass jb player back in 2015-16. Glad to call you my brother YEE YEE
  4. Welcome to the forums!! Questions? refer them to me or any other staff member.

    Cya homies

    Goodluck brother YEE YEE
  6. Come into Teamspeak around 9:30pm est Thursday for your interview
  7. really thought aut lol @Memes

    so uh

    so when are you gonna give it to me?
  9. bump, would like more community feedback.
  10. you have an open appeal so no need for this one. we will wait for community feedback on your other appeal.

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