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  1. Congrats bud you will do great :)
  2. master chief, one punchman, batman, assassins creed models,Mandalorian models? YEE YEE
  3. Deathstar for demoted member 2020 Welcome :)
  4. Insufficient Evidence Ban Appeal Accepted.
  5. @J o r d a n we will wait for his response.
  6. Ban Appeal Accepted!!! just note that if you cause any issues you will be re-banned without any chance to appeal. Welcome back gamer :)
  7. looney tunes,tom and jerry, sponge bob, flap jack, popeye, danny phantom YEE YEE

    h e l l o

    sup brother welcome back YEE YEE
  9. Ban Appeal Accepted :)
  10. if you bought an account wouldn't you check if it was banned on servers first?? thats what i would do anyways, These are the bans on the account. PM me on the forums so I can get a some more info on this purchase of the account.
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