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  1. You weigh 500lbs lmfao and dont talk shit about death when your fatass was begging him to get lily to fuck you ugly ass old man, keep evading your taxes dumbass you cant even see your own toes
  2. What lmao??? Thats my friend she can get in voice rn crazy how yall ban everyone thats not a regular
  3. Thats not death lol thats my friend alyssa lmao fucking retard its a chick she can get in voice
  5. +rep Lex muted him for "being retarded" doesnt seem very valid.
  6. im about to smack this head ass extra chromosome having ass trumpet blowing mans
  7. So like im the server bean yardy know me Im Barlos I been playing awp and sk for a while Yall might know my toxic head ass brother @Elegy Hes kinda just a worse version of me ya know. Rank C BTW https://play.esea.net/users/2246167 So like let m,e know about yalls. @proobs my young oreo @FeelsBαdMαɴ bean 0.5 @DeathShadow gonna shoot up a fukin school btw "Hahaha cameron joyce, better luck next time." @Barthur C+ btw hahahha
  8. happy birthday carlos :) 

  9. chink

  10. I want a 1070 ti for xmas... but too much money ;( Dont have the game tho.
  11. Defective is actually bad at r6. doesn't know angles or what a croddfire is. Boosted to plat


  12. Ugly Frenchie

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    +rep i love you my doggie ~ Carlos

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