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  1. +rep I watched this kid grow up (pretty much same age tho) and seen him moderate pretty well for ~2 years. Would definitely be a positive influence as an admin.
  2. sjp

    Hey you're really cool Joshua. (:

    1. Joshua


      Thanks! You are too.

  3. Imagine a generation of cs players who'd only know this version of mirage... trippy
  4. sjp was here lookin forward to the next vacation trip post
  5. Any chance R2 and R3 can both be played Saturday night if both teams in R3 can play?
  6. TurtleBoiFanclub will play whenever on those days. If possible we want to play earlier 8PM EST on Jan 6/7 or as many games as we can on Jan 5. We're not trying to play 3 games over 3 days.
  7. Team Turtle Boi Fan Club 1) Name of in-game/team leader sjp 2) Name of every player including the backup/stand-in @sjp - STEAM_0:1:36925186 @Nikeaj - STEAM_0:0:59715099 @syph - STEAM_0:1:40803201 @Kaemon - STEAM_0:0:104841003 @HydraSlayer - STEAM_0:1:57699808 @fern - STEAM_0:0:23046893 @Maan - STEAM_0:1:85050407 [*] @pocket - STEAM_0:0:102550331 [*] This beautiful soul 3) Is EVERY PLAYER (along with the backup/stand-in) able to attend the tournament? (I will be asking later on after signups what time is preferable for each team) ye
  8. sjp

    Favorite Admin?

    but im not an admin
  9. @suna @KingjiN 10/10 recommend watching this movie to anyone at least once
  10. dam ur right it looks so much better now!
  11. Hey I followed this guide step by step but it's still not looking right. What can I do to fix it? https://gyazo.com/2de51cd05c3aafba53df681a20dbe2bd
  12. Kdrama is gr8 tho. Korean movies are pretty good too. Recently watched Train to Busan as well as The Handmaiden and both were nice. Snowpiercer's another recent Korean-directed film worth checkin out. Edit: Most movies are worth sitting through for at least a couple minutes imo.
  13. sjp


    This guy is leader material please make a League division for him
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