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  1. happy birthday jennifer

  2. +rep on both servers he is a very friendly player that enforces the rules whenever needed to. The fact that he's super active makes it even better
  3. Zurr

    happy birthday

  4. you're supposed to lose 15 points if you suicide whether from fall damage, out of bounds, or being slayed. just remove kill in console or if you keep it then make them lose points
  5. Zurr

    configs simplified!

    or just set one button to be a toggle for voice_enable and so your other mouse button can be used for something else
  6. Zurr


    they should've won in Toronto in game 5 VanVleet's shot after a snatch back on Quinn Cook was my favorite moment in this final series
  7. Zurr

    Purple Man

    one day good shit Jay and congrats on super
  8. who is? I never liked Golden State and I always root for the east so Raptors in 6
  9. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" For the past few years I've been trying to find myself whether it be in my messed up household and about the career my parents push me to pursue or how I'm trying "fit in" because I'm too busy trying to impress others. You get those teachers or educators who influence your thoughts in politics or say there's one way in life but yet everybody lives a different way. In reality it's my life I create my path of life or I act the way I want to be, and I value this quote for being just that, don't make a life from those around you just live your own damn life
  10. pad thai lechón bulgogi
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