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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy bday bb

  3. happya bday zurr! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  4. Zurr

    happy birthday

  5. happy birthday!!!! hope you have a good one my g :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  6. Happy birthday, sorry I forgot to mention you back on November 4th :(

  7. Happy Bday!

  8. HBD d a w g

  9. Red Lobster biscuits are so good, and you can buy them at the store
  10. Stand by Me or The Breakfast Club Somewhat old movies, but still good ones to watch
  11. happy birthday man I haven't talked to you in the longest time

  12. @Spooky retard isaac made this post when east was still up, and the two models he suggested both got some positive feedback. You could maybe consider both these gun models: DSR, M98B, if AWP models get added back
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