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  1. you can't turn it off !settings and !sound !quake doesn't work
  2. happy birthday :blobdance:

  3. do you go bouldering too? anyways I've known you for a while so welcome back to the forums
  4. happy birthday

  5. happy birthday

  6. +rep Mythin knows the rules spot on and he had definitely shown that. Whenever I've seen him on the servers he is always very welcoming to new players or just anyone else on the server. He's very active and I think he will handle the super position well
  7. Zurr


  8. Zurr

    happy birthday

  9. happy birthday man we haven't talked as much as we used to but I hope you have a great for your birthday

  10. +rep I've seen this guy on the AWP server for awhile now and and he definitely knows the rules
  11. +rep very friendly person on the servers, knows the rules and he's been playing for a long time
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