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  1. Thx to this man for rendering and making the thumbnail @fern Just tagging people fern tags @ebyssal @Concrete @forge @thyme @San @jug @suna @Velox @lymbo @Papa Smurf @The Underused Character
  2. hara


    Hey kronus welcome to sng
  3. hara

    H1Z1 vid

    best kill is at the end xd
  4. hara

    Selfie Topic

    get out my mentions xd
  5. hara

    b was here

    rel brendan at sng!!! wowzer @b..
  6. hara

    jug super admin app

    good bhopper was admin on other servers
  7. +vouch!!! this guy knows his way around blocks and his "a" key doesn't work!
  8. hara

    pls add map

    http://gamebanana.com/maps/192849 Pls add this good bhop map by \TBH/
  9. On TAS on other servers when you rewind and press the same button to stop rewind it pauses usually but on SNG when you press it again you automatically start going. I was just going to see if that could be changed?
  10. i would've done that for 5 credits
  11. hara

    WR Bots

    Please make a delay before bot jumps out of start zone and when it enters the end zone so runs can be recorded, ty
  12. Thanks Ugly God <3

  13. hara

    Hello :D

    Who's trying to 10 man on source lets gooooooooooo @FoxHound
  14. hara

    Ohai ♡

    hey eggroll xd
  15. So you tryna dance battle or slapbox??? like square up nigga
  16. Welcome to the forums Poopysauce hope you enjoy the stay xd
  17. hara


    Welcome to the forums @sjp
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