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  1. Voids


    yo velox. been awhile sheesh (old name was cosmic btw lol)
  2. ay happy bday

    1. Sporpy


      Thanks man 

  3. Voids

    Im Back

    Ay Roshi, I've seen you on the servers alot But welcome back to the forums my man - also were contesting for deathrun right now lol.
  4. Ay welcome back Andrew. Glad to see ya coming back, hope you have fun on the servers.
  5. Voids


    I don't think any info has been given on that my man. Until we prove higher staff that we deserve our servers back, I think decisions are solid.
  6. Voids


    Ay welcome my dude, hope to see you around!
  7. Voids

    hi again

  8. Arctic 5 Steel Series - $100 at walmart. EZ cop.
  9. Welcome.

  10. Voids


    Hey SNG, Im Voids used to be known as Cosmic, primarily a death run admin back in 2016-2018. Ive kinda got back into cs, so I do plan on hopping on SNG servers sometimes and talking to you people. Im not sure what server I want to main yet considering deathrun is gone but, I hope I can meet the new community on the different servers. :)
  11. Happy Birthday!

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