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  1. im going to say this time and time again when you get caught for cheating and you lie about it on an appeal no one is going to take you seriously, i tell this to everyone that appeals just come clean and own up to your mistakes because thats the best way to get unbanned, i dont see a reason to lie on a online appeal to get unbanned its a community server the staff just wants genuine players to play on the servers, JUST DONT CHEAT. Its that easy, with all that being said im going to be a +rep because this is one of those genuine thoughtout appeals ive read in a while.
  2. +REP rage is one of the most helpful people on the servers, im sure he would be a great operator
  3. BIG +REP Fade is mature for his age and knows the rules well. add me to your recs also!
  4. not very sincere and thought out apology, wait out that one week and just dont be dumb on the servers man its simple

    so uh

    wow nice!
  6. if you really care about not getting your credits back dm me and i'll help you out, but again we do NOT reimburse the player that got scammed.. just be smart about who you give your credits to
  7. thats gonna be a no from me dawg
  8. +rep has grown from his past, would do great as a super especially on JB
  9. hey man, if you need someone to talk to there are people here that care for your well being, if you need advice for anything my inbox is open and feel free to sent me a message. much love dude

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