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  1. so lets do this again before we come to a decision did you cheat or did you forget? because telling the truth about what you did look a lot better then just a "oh i forgot what i did but pls forgive me"
  2. WOW! very cool @Warden Flamewater thank you for this and good luck to everyone participating :)
  3. +rep he got banned for doing some dumb shit, a certain admin unbanned certain banned players and went rogue pretty much but element decided to tell an admin what had happened and man stayed banned didnt cause any problems. i honestly dont think element is the same person he was a few years ago, and thats a good thing! good luck on your appeal dude
  4. neutral but leaning towards a +rep just because you do seem apologetic about what you did in the past but you will be kept on a short leash, with that being said we'll wait for more community responses regarding your appeal
  5. one of the nicest dudes ive met on the servers and probably the first person that really talked to me when i first started playing on the servers.. the man knows the rules, hes friendly with everyone that joins, so yea i think poi would be a great addition to SNG admin. add me to your recs bro and good luck! i also agree with @How can he awp?poipoi is hella cute would kiss him uwu HUGE +REP
  6. +rep koris is a good dude and knows the rules! add me to your recs my g

    am bloo

    congrats jen now tell everyone that im really youre best friend
  8. please remove the astronaut model :)
  9. servers never dead! feeze getting like 4 accounts to top10 that nerd meeting most of the ogs in awp west getting into @ KingjiN THK clan LOL that beef between west and eat players on whos better stance getting banned and his alter ego piney death getting tilted at people that keep killing him for points the awp west and east tourney there are alot of memories i have on this community but its really the people you meet in the servers that youll remember
  10. welcome to the forums dude! if you have any questions just DM me or any other staff :)

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