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  1. +rep knows the rules and has been around for a while now.. also kinda cute
  2. +rep would be a very good operator.. has been around for a LONG time. knows whats best for the servers, is on good terms with a lot of the people on the server. also hella cute tbh
  3. +rep another good candidate for operator, knows whats best and what not for the server. GOOD LUCK (also super cute)
  4. +rep agreeing with boxers that you do have tendencies to be tilted over small things, BUT i do think youre overcoming that phase and becoming more mature, also had him come to me numerous times to tell me that someone was hacking or doing some other things that they werent supposed to be doing. even when i wasnt an admin before lol but yeah good luck on this :)
  5. +rep chill guy, very dedicated to the server. the best candidate for operator! also very cute
  6. def +rep super nice guy and knows the rules. would be a good admin :)
  7. +rep been around for a long time and knows the rules probably inside and out... also super cute so would be a good candidate GL!!!!
  8. wym teal album was sick
  9. -rep from what the admins are saying i feel like you are not admin material YET i say understand the rules and try again next time :) also its a bad look defending yourself while trying to apply for admin..


    maps are being played twice in a row and its been like this for a while now please fix :)
  11. +rep cuz hes probably the only person that plays TTT
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