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  1. 2v2 wingman tournament, Scoutsknives event, osu event, rocket league event and weekly events... idk what youre on about
  2. yeah i was going to add that also them getting so many chances from us is def not the play.. im legit just waiting for "when is the last straw" type deal, like this whole situation is getting repetitive and old honestly.
  3. constantly harassing someone that is "easy" to harass and make fun of really is the lowest thing a human being can do and it says A LOT of your character and personality.. I'm not giving you my stance on your appeal because honestly you don't deserve it. good luck on your appeal lol
  4. I'm pretty sure you appealed a couple months ago and i +rep you and specifically telling you not to act like a idiot to not get banned again, but here you are appealing ONCE AGAIN for being an idiot? i'm also not giving a stance on if you should stay banned or be unbanned just like @ Jensyl, but what youre doing constantly on and off the servers is very childish good luck on your appeal lol
  5. all photos are shot and edited by me, BMW e30 2 HONDA CIVIC TYPE Rs (black is my buddy and white is mine) Nismo NISSAN 370z Black M3 BMW White 335i BMW
  6. my girls and i setup before we moved to a newer place :)
  7. wow i actually really like this
  8. Don't know much on your past but all I do know is that you were part of MLG but that was in the past (i hope) and hopefully you've learned from your past mistakes, with that being said your app does seem genuine and you do seem like you want to help JB and the server as a whole. I personally think that you'd make a good admin with the right guidance and training especially with JB, so I'm not against having you going through trail admin just to see if you got what it takes to be a good admin. +REP


    will miss you rage :( my dms are always open if you would like to talk <3
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