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  1. didn't you say that you were going to change like 3 appeals ago..
  2. YESS congrats zurr my little lumpia growing up


    well deserved!! congrats bud
  4. +rep zurr has been one of the longest players awp has, and i think he would be a great fit for the position. :) good luck my kaibigan
  5. good job @ Jensyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. +rep from what i've seen bucket has grown exponentially! seems like he really wants to help the community with events and he did great casting the wingman tournament over the weekend. best of luck bucket!
  7. its been fun dudes been with this communtiy for 4+ years so i think it is my time. there are way to many people to thank so i hope you all know who you are. i love you all. glhf
  8. realest one to go cya later jensyl love u
  9. whats up man welcome to the forums
  10. i remember when you said that you didn't know how to install cheats...
  11. 2v2 wingman tournament, Scoutsknives event, osu event, rocket league event and weekly events... idk what youre on about
  12. yeah i was going to add that also them getting so many chances from us is def not the play.. im legit just waiting for "when is the last straw" type deal, like this whole situation is getting repetitive and old honestly.