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  1. i’m very picky with music, i usually add more songs if i find good ones
  2. my personal playlist listen to this when i’m doing anything tbh
  3. Ryan

    Knife Name

    "ugly as shit"
  4. i don't think linking your ban from SB is sufficient evidence as to him falsely muting you, gotta have like some video proof or something . Buuut maybe he has some? @Elegy
  5. Ryan


    hello eleloyd
  6. Ryan


    so you got the message too huh
  7. 95% of the member population is too aids/cancer to be admin, and the other 5% that aren't, have no interest in being an admin in my opinion. So there is quite a predicament I'd say.
  8. Ryan

    Favorite color!

    been purple my whole life
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