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  1. Ryan

    I am not joking

    if this was supposed to be a player complaint/report follow the correct format
  2. hello :)) long time no talk
  3. i use/have been using a deathadder ever since i started gamin cuz i got big hands and it feels very comfortable in my opinion
  4. Ryan

    Merci SNG

    thankus for everything augus
  5. Ryan

    Selfie Topic

    i think its baby picture szn
  6. petition denied majority of people actually enjoy the no scope round, and on maps like fort for example it actually kind of forces people to move around and be active and participate in the round
  7. +rep good kid would make a good admin
  8. Ryan

    New to SNG

    welcome to forums
  9. Player Name Ryan Steam ID STEAM_1:0:231759642 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/adorns/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 18 Why would you be a good Operator? I feel that I would be a good fit for operator because I have been a member of this community for quite a while now since late 2015 early 2016, and have been an admin here for several years. I feel as though I have a good connection with a majority of the players that play on the awp server, and that would translate well into the operator position, taking advice and recommendations from the awp playerbase would be something I would do to keep the server alive and make people want to keep playing, aswell as finding things on my own that might be able to spice up the server and keep things natural. On the other hand, I know these past couple months I have not been very active at all, but I think that this would definitely encourage me to comeback to the server in a more helpful, and productive way than just being a super. What changes would you make to the mapcycle, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? Remove awp_closequarters_v2, I feel as if the majority of the player base doesn't like the map and get's insta rtv'd when voted for. What rule changes would you make, if any, to make the server more enjoyable? None, I believe the rules we have set in place are fine the way they are. Do you understand you the role that Awp Operator plays in SNG? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  10. +rep the only viable candidate for the job

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