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  1. Ryan

    Hows all doing

    o chit i thought you dieded how you been dude
  2. Ryan

    A new T item

    for what is the base amount of t’s not enough and not even to mention the amount of chaos and complaining this item would bring with it if it were added
  3. big red men birfday time 

    :PepePls: haps

  4. can't you just do a normal giveaway like everybody else why you gotta make it complicated as for the story, one time i was at my friends house, a long ass time ago, he got a brand new kitten like, she was very very young and very small, anyway my friends mom was going outside and she didn't notice the cat was following her and the cat ran into the door my friends mom closed behind her. she was running full speed and just face planted into the door, ion know why i remember that but shoot and also when i was in middle school i stuck my tongue to a pole in the middle of winter, it was like -50 out and when i got my tongue off i ripped like 1/3 of it off that shit was lit
  5. unban motion and demote medic
  6. made a suggestion tracker about this awhile ago but with the vip gloves and such, was told that the shop was being worked on and a bunch of cool stuff was gonna be added so i’m assuming IF this ever does happen it will be added along with the shop “rework”
  7. Ryan


    hi welcome
  8. absolutely fuuuuuckin not in all love chava you’re the biggest degen i’ve ever met in my life after dondo, you are definitely not someone i could see being admin i hope this application is a meme
  9. ain’t no point in being super if MG has no players on a 24/7 basis baybeeee
  10. how is pressing “u” then pressing “@“ difficult at all also there’s no way we can just make people stop saying “omg this dude is cheating” it’s gonna happen no matter what people just dumbo
  11. won’t be on servers / ts for a week going on a lil vacation 

    just a lil heads up for you lads 

    cya next week :POGGERSXD:

    1. FeelsBαdMαɴ


      this is gonna be my hardest week :PepeHands:

    2. Ryan


      i’ll miss u feels 

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