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  1. suna

    whats up dude

  2. fern

    KZ Curiosity

    the ones with lj rooms
  3. fern

    judge me

    one of those kinda nights huh
  4. very epic lex keep it up gamer we should queue sometime!!!
  5. fern


    welcome to skynetgaming the premium counter strike global offensive online gaming community
  6. one of my favorite people from tango still waiting on these tango lives
  7. No one fucking with me and the clique nigga pull up
  8. i don't really have a favorite artist/song tbh. Too many good ones to single one out and just pick a favorite. I fuck with Drake, Kendrick, Rocky heavy though. Imma drop something you prolly haven't heard of since you said you're looking for some new shit. My friend linked me this a couple days ago and it slaps.
  9. I thought it was the same guy appealing his ban but didn't realize they were two different people until you mentioned it Both joined exactly 5 hours ago Pretty SUS but who knows
  10. why do mg players say big namer lol literally a bunch of Mad NNs rifk lachflip who r U again fuckinggg fan kuku hdf hurensohn xy0 since 2k7 gang hhhhhh..............