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  1. Rage

    NO NAME cs edit

    dont use motion blur and u might wanna up the bitrate of the render/clips cuz there's lots of artifacts. other than that good vid
  2. also on board for the no autohop on warmcup train. It's so boring waiting cuz some shitkid who cant aim just jumps around delaying. if they can hit the hops legit then sure but autohop is a crutch for them on that map.
  3. hap birth

  4. i mean your reading is fine but your acc is godawful. mostly youre hiotting too early, so i'd say bump your universal/local offset.
  5. the green tint is especially cancer, even more so on maps like clouds where the exposure is so fucking high that it blinds you anyways. I'm fine with a bit of green, but as it is now it's realllly fucking hard to see. Also, the zombies definitely need more health. When there's dudes camping in climb the zombies have to stand still to avoid getting launched, which means in one clip the zombie can get killed by a ct. For the /guns, im neutral. I think it'd be nice but please dont let the dudes pick m249/negev, because it's way too overpowered as is.
  6. +rep I only played TTT with george once or twice, but he really is a great dude. Also, I can tell he knows a lot about the game. He's a no-brainer in my opinion.
  7. Uhh, I don't know how to say this without sounding like an asshole, but here goes. I wasn't going to comment, having never played with you on the servers, but your replies paint a picture that I don't think is the kind what would make for a good admin. You seem to be very stuck up on your past positions/achievements, which, as other people have already mentioned above, doesn't mean all that much. In terms of the Patman ordeal, I think there's one thing you're seriously neglecting to mention- Pat is a good admin, and an even better person. I don't think I've met a single person who gets upset or is disappointed when they see Pat on the servers- He's deserving of everything he's gotten, and it isn't that he got them handed to him. He worked for them. From what I'm seeing, you didn't have the drive to put in the effort, which is why you fell short. If this idea is something that gets you so hot and bothered, I don't know if being an admin at this time would be beneficial to the community, or you. Like I said- I've never played with you on the servers, and I'd love for myself to be proven wrong, but as it is now I don't think that you seem mature enough or ready for admin. I'm sure you're able to enforce the rules, but from my prior experience and personal fuck-ups, I'd like to share some advice- Your reputation matters too. How you deal with everybody on the servers is, in my opinion, much more important than knowing every rule like the back of your hand. If the community has this much to say in light of your past, you might want to get back on everyone's good side before you try to apply. Just my two cents.
  8. Rage

    hap birth

  9. Rage


  10. hap birth

  11. Super cool. Good work to everyone involved, this is
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