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  1. If someone is harassing you on the servers, and calladmin doesn't yield a response, get a clip and report it on forums WITH evidence. Soundboards aren't allowed because it's mic spamming and it's really fucking annoying. We don't punish people for racist jokes or humor, but in excess it will lead to a comm ban. You comparing your 30 MINUTE soundboard mute to someone calling you the n word on servers is irrelevant and I don't see why you getting muted confuses you. To me, it sounds like you've just got a stick up your ass over a half hour mute that you deserved.
  2. Why would we let people that were nothing but a pain in the ass to the community play in our community's tournament? They can wait for tango to host one :)
  3. Not gonna into much detail, but yerm was quite fond of putting silver wear where it did not belong at his friend’s expense.
  4. Nah man... I don't think letting yerm back in is the move. Seriously, set aside any bullshit drama yerm started with the bara shit, set aside any of the good shit he did for the community when we had sg servers. This guy is actually a freak. I won't lie, you made me pretty uncomfortable when you were around with some of the shit you said and did, and personally I don't think we gain anything from letting you back into the community. Regardless, good luck on your appeal.
  5. rage

    Which is better?

    You are a retard.
  6. +rep Mythin's obviously capable of the job in my opinion.
  7. rage


    welcome back gamer
  8. if i get that wildfire im sellin it and buyin more ram, thanks for the giveaway
  9. Gonna have to say -rep on this. It's just your attitude on the servers man, I've told you in admin chat on the servers numerous times before to just take a chill pill, and I haven't really seen any improvements. If you don't listen to me I can't help you, and with the way you enforce rules on the server I really can't see you maintaining a population on TTT, much less one that I feel I would enjoy playing with.
  10. rage

    thank you SNG

    Good luck in high school man, make sure to swing by and give us some updates from time to time. Deuces.
  11. Took a semester off because my college is really awesome and cancelled the one class I was signed up for the week before classes started.
  12. Hi shots how are you
  13. doesnt holding mouse 1 make your knife swing constantly anyways? Why would you need an autoclicker for that? doesnt quite make sense to me. also, of course an autoclicker would get you banned, idk what you expected.

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