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  1. oregairu is great choice for comedy/drama saiki k serial experiments lain neon genesis evangelion love, chuunibyo and other delusions miss kobayashi’s dragonmaid i could go on, but the best thing to do for questions like these is join discord and ask in #weebs
  2. cheese curds best sides.
  3. rage

    hows it goin

    life's life.
  4. happy birthday fuckass <3 

  5. One time my brother was on the swing set in our backyard and wouldn't get off and kept kicking me when i walked by, so i grabbed a bucket full of what i assumed to be rainwater and dumped it on his head. I later found out that the bucket was full of glass shards and a roast that my dad dropped and got too lazy to throw away, so he put it in a gallon bucket. he did that a week prior to when I dumped it, so it had been cultivating some wicked microorganisms in that bitch. Rotting, soggy meat and glass was all over my brother's hair and clothes and general person. To be fair he was a massive piece of shit when he was little so i think its fucking hilarious.
  6. keys were made for opening cases, no more no less. I personally don’t give a single fuck what scammers and people committing fraud use now, since the main point of this update was to stop that currency from being csgo keys, and thats exactly what they did. best case scenario is that they continue to make keys or their equivalent for their other games function in the same way csgo keys now do so people arent committing fraud thru the valve marketplace.
  7. It was never made to be a currency, so all they did was ensure that it's only being used for its original intent. I see no problem with it.
  8. The editing is getting better, just wish you had more clips. If you don't use aftereffects, I'd recommend starting, cuz if u can squeeze some nice little effects into this shit itll be dope One more little nitpick, but up your viewmodel a bit so the hands arent getting cut off, and increase the fov a bit more imo.
  9. rage

    Credit Giveaway!

    Why sleepy be takin big boy problems into his own hands? my mans aint even got perms
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