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  1. this is what a lot of us wanted when hns was removed. the hns we removed was indeed dogshit, but this would actually be fun depending on the map. it would suck on large maps with small pop tho.
  2. happy birthday loser

  3. rage

    Who's the Hig?

    Can you please stop farming posts
  4. title. they can use the spawners to spam guns in armory.
  5. title. they can use the spawners to spam guns in armory. View full bug
  6. I haven't been playing a lot, but in my experience with you, I always felt you were kinda confused/apathetic. Can't say you were bad necessarily, but you lacked polish. I don't know about now though, so I won't -rep or +rep. Good luck on your application, though.
  7. there's worse rounds. my qualm is how random vote seems to always be chicken or knife rounds, but i dont think thats a real thing, just me being unlucky whenever im on with the round votes.
  8. Ryan has been a bit inactive yes, but he's still a good guy. Sometimes I felt like you took it overboard with the memes and sounded a bit too toxic, but as I said it's memes and I understand it, since that's how the awp community is from my experience. Knows the rules well and enforces them properly. Still knows the community pretty well, and removing closequarters definitely isn't a bad idea, since I know a lot of people dislike the map (myself included.) Best of luck to you on your application.
  9. rage

    Who's the Hig?

    its not rdm theyre the hig
  10. rage

    Who's the Hig?

    klitch is the hig. rdm for free bitcoin.
  11. Honestly, I'm gonna say -rep. Not because I think you're just after power, not just because of your activity, but because something about you rubs me the wrong way. I really can't explain it, but you just don't seem ready to me. Compared to the people I've seen as operator, I don't think you'd make a good operator. Regardless, good luck on your application.
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