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  1. correct me if I’m wrong, but valve implemented a workaround for hyperscroll so that it doesnt work years ago, didnt they? hyperscroll NEVER worked. This excuse doesnt hold up. EDIT: After some research hyperscroll hasnt worked in cs since at LEAST 2015, so you might wanna rethink what youre saying here. lies dont get you unbanned.
  2. Y'all think ur some hot shit but im winning, plain and simple. yall some clowns if u think otherwise
  3. yeah for me when i steal all ur credits homo
  4. add it so i can scam all these idiots out of their credits
  5. +rep he’s ready for the role. Good luck bottom.
  6. IDK man, the dude literally just made this plugin for us and it's pretty convenient, I don't really see a need to shit talk him like this. If you don't like it, that's fine, he didn't remove the ability to hand out slays like normal, so just... don't use it?
  7. if this doesnt win im fucking angry
  8. Gone are the days of diss tracks and mumble rappers, for we have a new savior and genre-head in the form of poop erik. The era of erik acoustic attack songs has come. Hail to the new king of both poop and the pen, @erik :].
  9. Good to see you. Assuming you follow the rules now, you seem like you've gotten with the program, so I'll see you around.
  10. Rage


    Comedy routines pale in comparison to CS players attempting to engage in critical thought.
  11. Rage


    What do these doctors have you on?
  12. I don't know how event slots work/how many we ACTUALLY have on event team, but if you're willing to put in the work for event team I don't see why you shouldn't be in event. +rep if you get yourself unbanned from discord
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