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    so was this before during or after the psychedelic and amphetamine binge that brought you to this shit conclusion
  2. rage

    hi im new here

    Haha what is this "jailbreak" thing everyone keeps talking about? Might have to give it a shot sometime, sounds pretty fun :)
    It'll be a breeze for the other team when you whiff a non-moving target like that
  3. I'm basically a pro, I read the Motley Fool!
  4. Idk if you guys actually took a look at what he is saying but what he's saying makes sense, and I vaguely remember something similar to this happening before with someone who appealed a ban. I highly doubt this kid is that f0cus kid that got banned for scripting, and y'all really oughta try and figure it out before you immediately dismiss someone, especially with the state the forums and servers are in right now.
  5. rage

    osu video

    this is an osu video
    Thank you for this thrilling update in the Cool Duck saga. In this rendition of Cool Duck's journey we can clearly see the struggle for success, with that amazing sense of clarity when our hero finally completes his mission. This is representative of the hero journey in the long-term, and proves why these mini-arcs, particularly the windows arc, are equally as important as the ladderhell arc. This feeling of being rewarded will be engrained in me when we bring ourselves around to the final work in the series, when Cool Duck will finally take WR on ladderhell (Spoilers, but how could you not already know the ending on such a timeless classic?). Excellent cinematic experience this time around, really looking forward to your next film.
  6. I guarantee you wouldn't be any better at that shit homie. Tough it up lol
  7. You know imma run it on y'all in a 2v2 tourney... Can't wait
  8. I mean realistically there's plenty of other reasons to permaban cool duck, and quite frankly banning him for bringing up ddos on another discord server as a joke is a little extreme. You have so many good, valid reasons, so why is this the straw that broke the camel's back? I know for certain plenty of other people including staff have done stupid shit to this capacity on other discord servers or in dms as a joke. If this is the precedent SNG is setting y'all better hide +rep this is a dumb ban.
  9. rage

    Hey, I'm Gay

    big congrats tieko. you'll fit the team nicely.
  10. FUCK hiding ur 2nd taskbar, if a fullscreen app gets stuck i cant tab to another window without a 2nd taskbar
    nice plays gamer. @Warden Flamewater we just never had enough teams sign up. We were really pushing to try and get the tournament out before school started but we had some internal issues that had to be dealt with and the event team was still getting used to the changes we made to the way it was run, which led to us having to postpone the tournament until school started, which was hella inconvenient.
  11. Honestly, favorite moment was probably the el festiv 5v5 tournament with @jgamby. We got hella tilted at the end and got 2nd, but it had been a minute since I had last been in a community tournament (slayers.) Getting 2nd was pretty cool, and overall I had a really fun time during that tournament. When I first wanted to join event team, it was pretty much the memories of that event that pushed me to apply.
  12. been a minute since one of these, and I'm happy with my desktop rn, so post yours too
  13. rage

    fuck COVID

    mob psycho is a banger, season one of one punch man is great, hyouka is great, saiki k, konosuba, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, i could go on but those are some of my certified bangers
  14. rage


    https://osu.ppy.sh/users/5392121 mutual me! I'm really surprised there are this many osu gamers in sng now. Event team could actually host an osu multi night, or we could all just arrange one if y'all want lol
  15. You've got quite a long track record lol. You were constantly causing issues for myself and other admins. In terms of mutes, I tried to be really lenient with you because I knew you were a regular and just a bit immature, but you constantly went way too far and pissed off admins and players. If I'm seeing multiple one day long mutes from patman, who rarely muted longer than 30 minutes, you were definitely crossing some boundaries. I'll say the same thing I said about deno, I just think you oughta explain to us why we should trust that you're not gonna do the same shit you did for a year and a
  16. rage

    Ban Appeal: Mani

    Man you annoyed the absolute SHIT out of me every time you were on the server. For reference, here's deno's commbans as well. He had several chances with low time mutes and continued to constantly get muted by a bunch of different admins. How can you prove that you're not gonna do this shit again?
  17. To be honest I think he could do it. If you're so on the fence, I'll say it again, give him trial. Let him at least have a chance. There will be admins to monitor him and admins to properly mentor him.