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  1. +rep a good clean 10 man is always fun and I love being competitive
  2. Raid


    Tension was REALLY high yesterday in the TTT server. holding no ill feelings and running the gauntlet if TTT Tension rises higher, I wish only for the best in the server and the community.
  3. I'm on TTT often with my friends, given that I believe that the servers were going just smoothly up until this happened, my experience with the new rule has only been approximately two hours and has gone rather chaotic causing tension between one another. I'm all for testing new things but I'm very on edge with how this new rule is going to play out, best of luck to ALL the admins in maintaining the TTT server and I hope for the best in this discussion.
  4. Raid

    Andyy217's admin app

    +rep active on all the servers hes announced and knows the rules well enough to enforce them on the server as admin. Even friendly enough to reach out to newbies on the ttt server and anyone that needs help.
  5. 1. Steam name. raid 2. Town of Salem Name: stvnced 3. If you have TeamSpeak and/or a mic: ye 4. What session you'd like: both is fine
  6. 1. In game name- Raid 2. Steam ID- STEAM_1:1:57972225 3. Name of admin recommending you- @fern @jug@Bird@forge 4. What age are you- 20 5. Reason why you think you will be a good admin- Been playing on the servers(Awp West, TTT, Bhop) Long enough to know when to enforce rules and how to handle situations when the time comes, also know the rules well enough in other servers I play in to assess situations in such matter. 6. What server are you most known in- AWP West, TTT, Bhop are the servers i reside in.
  7. A little kickstart / attempt at editing, trying to get somewhere ya feel me ? let me know what you think since this is literally my first time and took me about two and a half hours shoutout to these two @pxvya for showing me the ropes on editing and helping my boy @Andyy217 and I out throughout the way firstedit.veg
  8. Raid

    I miss

    clean ass edit and the song goes with it lets get it :^) wonder who gave you the song tho guy must have some good ass taste am i right haha xD
  9. Raid


    Been waiting on you to finally make an intro, welcome to the forums my guy. fun guy to play games with(watch out he plays with no headphones on push to talk)
  10. do not sleep on this dude with the edits. good work cupcake and blox keep doing ya'll thing out there
  11. 95 Honda Civic SiR EG6 A project car I always wanted to work on since i was in my early teens just to keep it simple and clean when i pull up at the meets CARS NOT MINE FOUND IT ON GOOGLE JUST SAYING GET OFF MY CASE AIGHT SHIT
  12. the 007 music makes it all the more interesting
  13. Raid


    kid, you're ugly. stop this at once
  14. Raid

    Thank you

    who is this kid i've never talked to him a day of my life chill to be around with. not chill to carry in league tho sigh.
  15. Raid

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums, if we see each other on the forums don't be afraid to say wsup fam
  16. sir this is a battle you do not want to get into. Like a game of mario party, friendships are going to be broken.
  17. Raid


    Always told you that you deserve this and that it'll come to you. Congrats its lit
  18. welcome my dude, yeah that's right know your place. Jk fam its lit
  19. Raid


    hi michael Faux
  20. Lets get it Summoner Name: Stormfury Highest Rank: Gold 1 Plat promos Season 5 rank: Gold Season 6 rank: Gold Season 7 rank: Silver Best Role(s): Mid/ Jungle high FLEX capability Pros: Versatile League player willing to do whatever a team needs and sicker than your average Lux plays and handling the ball as Orianna like my name was Kyrie Irving, its lit trust me. @fern knows wsup when it comes to playing the game.

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