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  1. Most of the time even if the vote system is being used properly, most people still call a admin to deal with the situation. 99% of the time its getting abused to troll with mutes and bans. Its a good idea in concept but the fact that people rather contact a admin or find another way to solve the problem without the vote system has lead to alot of abuse. I think its better removed but I understand why others would like to keep the system.
  2. Toko you're a good guy but hearing what you did was pretty toxic man, I had stopped playing frequently on sng and when I heard what you did it surprised me, but given .99 and them were involved I wasnt as surprised. Just stay out of trouble if you get unbanned and if something is wrong if something like this happens again for the love everything please speak up and distance yourself away from the trouble so you're not involved.
  3. Thanks everyone I haven't been on in forever but thank you!

    1. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      What matters is you had a good birthday and you still say hi to us. :peepoLove:

  4. long time no see brother...

    Happy bday!

  5. Grey's Anatomy, I fucking love Grey's Anatomy.
  6. Another 8GB stick of ram plz ddr4. I'd also probs want a new graphics card since my gtx 1080 isnt getting the frames I want despite everything I tried. @Diam0ndzx You already got 144 hrtz monitor or naw? @Diam0ndzx Yikes btw make sure you get a gpu that can support the extra frames cause once you go 144 fps 60 fps looks like shit (im talking like 30 fps or lower bad)
  7. Wait why is this a hard question its quite obvious that OG Cheese Doritos are MUCH better than cool ranch Doritos. Cheese Doritos> Cool ranch Doritos all the way.
  8. I'm making a official call to arms to get everyone who as never broken a bone to join in the skeletal army to "spook the fuck boys". By answering the poll you are agreeing to be honest and for those who lie be warned Mr.Skeletal sees all. Those who lie may your bones be brittle for at least the honest ones may find redemption among the broken. As for the pure skeletons RISE AND JOIN THE SKELETAL WAR. (Yeah been inactive for a while and thought this would be fun to post lmao). NOTE: Broken bones also includes: Fractures OF ANY KIND -Broken Cartilage, ligaments, skin, teeth, joints and such are fair game so your safe.
  9. I dont really like squash or green beans too much, taste is meh but the texture is what really drives it home. Its the feeling that you just want whatever is in your mouth out immediately.
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