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  1. Kel

    Course Server poll

    i mean now that hypnos is gone it would strive. but fuck that server dont do it
  2. I punch this shit so much I honestly don’t know how it isn’t broken.
  3. https://www.homedepot.com/p/OneSpace-Ultramodern-Glass-Black-L-Shape-Desk-50-JN110505/303349073 Basically what I have but it looks a bit different. Never get a glass desk btw, shit gets so fucking gunky so quickly. Looking for a new desk but don't know what to get, lemme know what you guys got.
  4. Kel

    Random Question

    How the fuck? I go for like 40min-90 depending on how i feel that day. Now im doing 5 miles on the elliptical everyday and then lifting a bit and ab workouts. Down 70 pounds since I started at the beginning of the school year but I change what I do monthly. Trueee, before I did cardio everyday I did 40 reps of 360 on leg press, 25 calf raises, and then 40 more reps. Go lift and then do that once more before I leave. I just need to start dieting because I eat like shit rn. This shit expensive as fuck btw boys.
  5. Kel

    Random Question

    I feel like trying to gain weight intentionally would make you feel like complete shit
  6. Ima be honest chief, thats all assuming you live. Goodluck mate. Anyways, do what Pat said with the rest of the money, since the money you put into the roth ira is already taxed they take nothing out when you claim it at retirement(you can only claim when you retire btw) Assuming you put that 5k in now and retire at like 65(also assuming you put nothing else into it at all, just that 5k), you'll get 120k back when you retire. It usually averages about 7% interest a year but that could change at any time.
  7. Kel

    Stream help

    https://streamlabs.com/ I'd really recommend the streamlabs/obs app. Either way both have an auto config option. Make sure your internet is at least 10mbps up and change bitrate to 6k+
  8. Kel

    Kels Sodality App

    1.In game name- Kel 2.Steam ID- STEAM_1:0:186254287 3.Name of the Sodality members recommending you (2 minimum)- @Spookter, @Bastrix, @Warden Flamewater, @chicken007, @Isaac, @Lukaii, @Concrete, @Nick, @Smegma, @B0xerZ, @HellHound 4.What age are you?- Turning 17 in January 5.Why do you believe you are right for SNG Sodality?- I've been in the community since the summer of 2016 when I started playing course. I've been forum active for almost all of that as well as worked my way up to operator until, a now banned member, killed my server . Started playing a bit of csgo again recently and then heard that course was coming back so I started playing kz again. Went on about a week long vacation and here I am. Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?- Yes 6.What server are you most known in- Most of them
  9. Kel

    PC Specs

    Whats everyones current pc specs/what they are saving for? My current specs are: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/B9szCy What i'm aiming for by end of march/early april: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pZszCy
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