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  1. why aint the homie @Stance on there
  2. Kel

    Selfie Topic

    okay hashinshin
  3. simp okay send $100k to camp and im sure he'd be happy to unban him
  4. @Giggles hope he likes pepperoni nips
  5. what do you think riots are especially with whats happening currently
  6. "Do NOT talk about politics or religion on ANY server." This is probably why you were spray banned, spray ban rules have to adhere to server rules.
  7. considering the time between trying to connect to the servers on another account I wouldn't say that he was even trying to ban evade, just trying to hop on to a random server on an alt account for w/e reason
  8. I'll livestream hanging myself if another one of these fucking posts comes up
  9. Boys hes 13, stop flaming the fuck out of him
  10. Looks really familiar so we either took it out of map pool or theres another map similar to it

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