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  1. I'll livestream hanging myself if another one of these fucking posts comes up
  2. Boys hes 13, stop flaming the fuck out of him
  3. Looks really familiar so we either took it out of map pool or theres another map similar to it
  4. ye but you have downs
  5. How do people get banned for a macro and not expect the ban info to be stored somewhere
  6. holy shit are you retarded
  7. cmon guys he did nothing wrong
  8. Kel


    anotha one
  9. +1 Nah 53, they're raising it again here pretty soon. They talkin about it on their show tmrw
  10. Why no one talking about his crusty ass thumb
  11. Already exists, called clubs https://skynetgaming.net/clubs/
  12. when u get banned from the community cause u got catfished by a 13 yr old boy and bought them vip after sleeping with them in teamspeak and then got edgy and said u were gonna rape them

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